Penelope Mae’s Nursery Reveal: Princess & the Pea


Last Sunday morning we were in a rush to get Penelope’s nursery ready for Alicia to take photos of. To be honest, this room was originally our guest room, turned catch-all room when the construction for the room addition started – so you can imagine how chaotic it actually was in here. Luckily the room addition was mostly finished by the time we got home from the hospital, thanks to my hubby for pressing our contractor and foreman to get things done quicker! Since then I’ve been gradually moving things in the new room and out of the Penelope’s nursery, the photos were the final push for me to get pictures hung and the nursery organized (and not even all the pictures got hung in time). And although I didn’t win the debate to hang a chandelier in P’s room, I am still fairly happy about the results!

Alicia was also so kind to take some photos of our new family of four in our new master bedroom and I can’t help but gush over all the pics of our two girls together! Huntley just loves her little sister so much and couldn’t stop giving her kisses!

IMG_7882copyIMG_7839copy IMG_7845copy IMG_7846copy IMG_7848copy IMG_7850copy IMG_7847copyIMG_7797copy IMG_7805copyIMG_7798copy


2 thoughts on “Penelope Mae’s Nursery Reveal: Princess & the Pea

    • ahomewithwalls says:

      Thanks Milca! We decided to leave the room grey as we had it originally painted two years ago, less work for us. I was worried it would be too dark which is why in the end I switched out the grey curtains for these white ones, I think that’s why it looks so clean 🙂


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