Fathers Day

It was 6:30 in the morning when I woke from bed, looked to my left and saw that I had beat my husband this time as he was still asleep (he usually wakes up at four in the morning, Mon-Sat, for work so he’s always the early bird on Sunday too). With holidays such as these, or pretty much any holiday for that matter, we usually don’t buy each other gifts (and if we do, nothing too extravagant and usually between the $10-$40 range). I had asked Tanner during the week what he would like to to do for Father’s Day so that I could plan something out. He simply said, “stay home, be home, spend time with my girls, and maybe you could make breakfast and some sandwiches like the ones you’d make when we were in college.” So I had planned to do just that.

Even though I knew I wouldn’t be buying anything for Father’s Day, I knew that I wanted to do something special for him for his new office. I had the perfect Run DAD t-shirts from TooRahLoo that I wanted to use in some way for the occasion, maybe to wear on the actual day, wait, no, better-yet, how about pictures for this desk! I took to snapping away on my camera some photos of our girls laying next to each other and it’s actually not too difficult to get Huntley to cooperate for the camera, especially since she loves Penelope so much! The shirt for Penelope was obviously still too big, even though the girl has started to fill out her newborn outfits, this shirt is a stated size six months and I had to roll up the sleeves and tuck back the extra material into a cloth diaper to match. All in all, I was pretty pleased with the outcome and had a few pictures printed across the street at Costco.

IMG_5335 IMG_5340 IMG_5352IMG_5342

We also received our Kiewit baby welcome gift from the hubby’s work place just in time (last time we received it way too late and the onesie couldn’t fit Huntley), so I knew I wanted to incorporate a couple pictures with some of the gifts as well and snapped what I could when Penelope was awake.

IMG_5378 IMG_5392 IMG_5418 IMG_5433 IMG_5409

We’re always at Target, I’m very much like this girl every time I go to Target (click). Anyways, I ended up picking up a couple of frames and framed a few for his desk.

In the morning I made chorizo and egg with a spread of hot salsa, queso, sour cream, and hot sauce and we each made a couple of burritos for breakfast. We stayed home, just as he wanted. I’ll admit it was killing me a bit since I love going out, especially on beautiful days such as these. With a sleeping newborn and a very energetic toddler, Tanner decided that it would be fun to go swimming. I felt a bit chilled and kept telling him that I thought I might have a blood-sugar issue since I was feeling a bit jittery so I didn’t go in, instead I laid out in the sun in my yoga pants and sweater and took a nap.

When it came time to making the sandwiches I knew just which one I would make him, I made him a lot – a lot of sandwiches when we were in college, but this was one of my faves (even though it took a bit longer). I would toast fresh sour dough bread (skipped the oven and used the toaster), bought pre-made pesto and julienned sun-dried tomatoes (instead of making my own, so much easier!), mixed in two types of his favorite mustards with mayo, grilled some chicken breasts (which I sliced in half to thinner slices) and added provolone cheese to melt, and topped off the sandwich with some baby spinach. He loved it!

After lunch I was feeling really cold, shivering and shaking actually…which was strange since it was near 90 degrees outside. We took my temperature and it ready 99.8 and all I wanted to do was take a nap and so I did. After a couple of hours, the hubby came to check up on me and saw that I was sweating profusely and still shaking cold drowning in blankets. I felt like I needed to take a warm bath so he took my temperature yet again before I hopped in the tub, this time it read 103.4, yep, I definitely was having a fever and was in the middle of trying to break it. I took a hot bath and napped a few hour more while the hubby took care of the kids. I felt miserable…

When I had finally woke, feeling less feverish and more aching in the body, I took a Tylenol and came to find that Tanner had already put Huntley down for bed and had fed, bathed, and changed Penelope and was rocking her in his chair in the living room.

Feeling terrible about how the day ended, I made two simple sandwiches and we ate them together in the dark while watching Netflix on the couch.

Although the day was meant to celebrate dads, which Tanner is an amazing one at that, point-proven with his ability to take charge and care for our kids fully when I couldn’t – I realized it was really a day that I wanted to celebrate my “husband”. He is always there for me 100%, a 110% when I really need him to be, such as on Father’s Day. He shows his love for us in more ways than one and  supports us not only financially, but emotionally and physically. I can only hope that I have and can show him the same compassion, care, and love that he has been showing us. Although it was rough during the end of the day  (he even stayed home the following day to make sure I had the extra set of eyes, ears and hands needed to take care of the girls), we both enjoyed the time spent with each other and the time he got to spend with his girls.

Hope all the special men in your lives had a happy Father’s Day 🙂


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