Paternity Leave

When Penelope came into our arms it was unexpected, yet kind of expected in the sense that my Braxton Hicks contractions were very strong early on. She arrived on Memorial Day (a holiday observed by Tanner’s work) and at 38 weeks. Since work had been rather hectic or let’s just say “very busy” for the hubby, he decided to take only a few days off for paternity leave so that he could get back to work  as soon as possible. We decided that the rest of his paternity leave would be better spent during baby girl’s Baptism in Arizona (there’s another story for later about that). However, he was still needed at work and his paternity leave was postponed again. A week later Penelope turned two-months-old and Tanner was finally able to enjoy family-time with us and lots of bonding with his littlest “peanut”.

It wasn’t the easiest for me to have no help in the beginning, however I’ve never been the type to let a challenge like this overcome me. I’d still want to go out all the time, even though I was suppose to be at home recovering. And although some may think I make it “look easy” I’ll admit, it never is… Going to the mall, HomeGoods, Target, the aquarium, the grocery store, heck, even to Starbucks became more of a challenge than anything. Every time I consider going out somewhere I’ve got to add an extra 30 minutes to the trip (15 minutes to load and 15 minutes to unload). There’s also a whole process I go through beforehand, a checklist of steps I would take and what to bring with me. To carry Huntley and a car seat to a shopping cart, or babywearing Penelope (depending on whether she is already asleep in the car seat when we get to said  destination), whether to let Huntley walk (so that we have a little more room in the cart), etc. How long will this trip be? Will I need my diaper bag, a purse, or just my wallet? etc. etc. There’s a lot to think about! 

However this week has been amazing! I’ve has plenty if help from the hubby while he spent the rest of his paternity leave at home. He would willingly offer to watch the babes as I made quick trips to run errands. He would watch Penelope and gain lots of bonding time with her as I took Huntley to her commercial audition/shoot in LA. He would take us on fun outings after a rough patch in the week (another story to be told about my our dog Remy, and thank goodness he was here for that!)

All in all, I am truly grateful that Tanner was able to take his paternity leave when he did. I am grateful for all his love, support, and extra helping hands this past week. 


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