Raising Good People

Today was just like any typical day spent with my sister, niece, and my two girls. We met up at Irvine Spectrum (an outdoor shopping center) and had some Starbucks, ate a late lunch, perused the racks at Target, Forever 21 and HM, then headed over to the playground/splash pad for the girls to release energy. 

Let me start off by telling you, I really do consider myself to be a relaxed/easy-going parent, but I also work really hard on raising my girls (mainly Huntley,since Penelope is way too young) to be good people. One of the ways I was able to start rearing my child in the right direction early on was through play – playing with others, sharing and enjoying toys and playground fun! The moment Huntley started learning from others on the playground, the moment I knew she was ready to learn what’s right and what’s wrong. Many a time we see children (usually the older children) climbing backward up a slide, jumping off from the top of slides/castles/boats/etc. (basically whatever themed-playland) and here I am telling my child to not do those things because it’s wrong abd just because they do it, doesn’t make it right (however, too each their own). I, however focus on teaching my daughter to wait her turn, go around to get back on the slide, and let other people go first. I understand not all parents can be there on guard watching their children, hey, I admit sometimes my eyes/mind are on other things too, but when it comes to pushing/shoving/biting I really do believe it’s our responsibility to teach our kids what’s right and what’s wrong and those actions are just “wrong” especially during play time. I really think it’s our responsibility to take action when these things occur and let them know these things are wrong.

Today a boy, a bit shorter/smaller than Huntley, but seemingly a bit older started pushing and shoving Huntley in the corner of the pirate ship-themed playground and then begin hitting her in the face. I could see Huntley was confused as she had just let the boy take the other half of the wheel she had been playing on and was then pushed off completely. I totally understand the boy must’ve not known what he was doing, and if he did (why weren’t his parents around to stop him). I could see that my daughter was about to cry or may have wanted to try her hand at hitting too, but my motherly instincts took hold of me and I quickly called her name out to get her attention and take her away from the situation. I immediately told the boy to please stop hitting her (still no parent of the boy in sight). We then headed to the splash pad to take her mind of what just happened, which luckily it did. 

I told my husband what had happened and after discussing a bit he may have felt that I shouldn’t have stepped in and that our daughter should’ve learned to defend herself. However I still don’t agree that hitting back is the answer. I am always open to others thoughts and opinions on these types of situations, parenting tactics/take or whatever, please share some of the things you do to raise good people, good children. 


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