Thanksgiving 2015


Usually Thanksgiving is spent with my side of the family, it was kind of the deal my husband and I made for our holidays after we had married. I took Thanksgiving since my mother’s birthday usually lands on or around Thanksgiving day (she likes to take us traveling) and well Christmas is quite an important holiday for his family given our Catholic religion.

If we weren’t spending Thanksgiving in Las Vegas, our family tradition, my sister or I would be hosting since it would normally be one of us who stemmed the reasoning behind why we shouldn’t spend Thanksgiving in Vegas. This year my sister hosted. And unlike other Thanksgivings my parents decided to leave us for travels together to the Philippines, Bali, and Taiwan (which I highly commend, they needed it!) Luckily, this year has been a great blessing on our family to have more of my extended family moving to California (and hopefully even more soon), so we had invited all to spend Thanksgiving with us!

My sister did a fabulous job of hosting, as usual, and we even had fun decorating her house for the occasion.

I really wished I took more pics of my actual family and friends from the night, but just shows that we were too busy having fun to realize that we didn’t get many pics after everything had started.



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