Fluff Stuff: Bumkins Snap-In-One Cloth Diaper Review & GIVEAWAY!

If you followed me on Instagram pre-baby to the arrival of my first Huntley Lynn, you’d probably already know that I am a big fan of cloth diapering. With a growing newborn Penelope and soon-to-be working washing machine, I am happy to start stuffing fluff and sharing adorable CD pics again!

While I still get a sense of satisfaction after having stuffed our fluff, my mommy laziness still has me reaching for the all-in-one diapers first before grabbing ones with inserts. I was ecstatic to learn that Bumkins accommodated my love for aio cloth diapers and had created the Snap-In-One cloth diaper! As with most fitted, pocket, aio, and hybrid style cloth diapers, the Snap-In-One has a three snap rise with hip and waist snaps for easy adjusting so you can get just the right fit for your little one. The shell of the diaper is made waterproof with a PUL exterior fabric with TPU to make it stain and odor resistant, while the interior fabric is made breathable and natural with a deluxe layer of cozy cotton/bamboo rayon blend to keep baby comfortable. I was amazed by how soft the interior fabric felt right off the bat! One of the most unique features is unlike other AIO diapers, this Snap-In-One diaper gives you the option to customize the absorbency. The detachable snap insert features minky fabric for comfort with interior layers of microfiber for absorbency. You can also tuck the insert in the pocket to allow for natural fabric against the skin or leave out for a stay-dry effect when needed (say at night time). Bumkins also offers the option to purchase cotton/bamboo Snap-In-One inserts too. Another unique thing that I noticed about this diaper is that unlike other aio diapers which are usually all sewn together, this Snap-In-One makes washing and getting the stains out a lot easier since you can actually remove the liner!

With Penelope’s sudden growth this past week, I knew it was time to start CD’ing! She has the cutest bullfrog belly and chubby thighs so I was actually able to get a nice fit and haven’t had any trouble with blow-outs (which tends to happen sometimes with disposables). The minimum weight recommendation for this cloth diaper is seven pounds and can be used to a maximum 32 pounds baby/toddler.


Whether you already cloth diapering, considering, or are hesitant but would like to try – Bumkins and I would like to give you an opportunity to win your own Bumkins Snap-In-One Diaper! All you have to do is follow me on Instagram @TiffWall, like the giveaway photo, and tag a friend – it’s that easy! Winner will be announced next Tuesday 😉

Spring Cleaning & Huntley’s Nursery

Since our room addition should be complete within a month from now, I have spring cleaning on my mind and am ready to clear out that crazy garage of ours and all our closets! I am ready to start fresh while still keeping the theme(s) and style of our nautical home. The existing bedrooms will still be styled the same in Huntley’s room and our old room/soon to be guest room (with Penelope’s new room as an exception).

With the glider/swivel chair being moved into Penelope’s nursery from Huntley’s nursery, there are some empty spaces that need to be filled or at least made to look completed. Here are some of my finds and wish-list for Huntley’s room conversion from baby to toddler-hood!

I would like to move the play kitchen currently in our living room into Huntley’s room and would love to add this Pottery Barn Finley Play Table & Chairs or something similar. (How cute would this be?):

pb finleyI would also like to add a new furry rug in the room since our last one was ruined when Huntley spilled chocolate milk on it… this sheepskin rug would work perfectly to replace her old one (new rule: No eating & drinking in the bedrooms!):


With our house renovations and spring cleaning, we would really like to have our living spaces be more kid-clutter free (of course we’ll still have a few toy baskets in the rooms, but I ideally I would like to put away most of the toys or have them in the girls’ rooms. So it would only make sense to add a basket or two in Huntley’s room. These Wee Woodland Crochet Bins  from the Land of Nod would be perfect!


And for a growing girl with a  growing closet, I would love to have the Elfa Closet System installed in her closet as well as my own (because it’s been on my own wish-list for what seems like forever!):

elfaIf you have any, what are some of your plans for the new season?

Nuby Sea Scooper – Bath Toy Scooper

As mentioned in our last Bathing Beauty post – we are so beyond excited about being selected as an official Nuby Parent Blogger and will be partnering with the Nuby USA team to share some of our current favorite baby products as well as introduce you to some newer products of theirs! When we received the Nuby Sea Scooper Bath Toy Scooper in the mail today, Huntley got so excited and wanted me to the open the box right away! As soon as I took it out she knew just what to do with it – she took it to the bathroom and put it into the bathtub (it’s quite possibly her favorite spot in the house).

I always knew we needed some bath organization for all the growing number of bath toys Huntley’s collected this past year and with another on the way I knew the bath clutter would just get worse in there! So you can understand why I got excited about this new product of ours!

Installation was a cinch! The wall hook is held on by some powerful 3M adhesive strips and I’m always weary about adhesive strips not staying on well in areas that may get wet. However, we immediately filled the scooper with all Huntley’s favorite bath toys (those including the Octopus you see in our previous bath post) and put it on the wall hook to make sure it held on – and it sure did!

If you have a water baby like mine, bath time is one of the best times of day! And like I’ve mentioned, bath time is sometimes more than once a day for us. Huntley is the happiest when she’s in water and even happier when she has lots of fun interactive toys to play with in the water. Even though the scooper isn’t necessarily a bath “toy” per say, Huntley loved the idea of a big toy that can pick up all her little toys at the end of bath time. She even loved the adorable whale design and tried lathering up her new buddy with soap and bubbles as well!

She is a pro-bather (professional bather) if that were an occupation! What I mean by this is she knows how to lather her own soap in her hands, on her belly and in her hair – she evens tries to wash mama and dada! So it’s no surprise she would also know how to communicate to us when she’s ‘done’ with bath time. First step is to pull up the drain lift with second step being stand at the edge of the tub and wait for mama or dada to lift her out of the tub. With our new bath toy scooper, I knew immediately that Huntley would love to learn another step to add into the mix of things (a step that would help her parents out a bit too) and that is to scoop up all her toys before draining the tub. We turned it into a game and she knew right away what to do with the whale-shaped scooper and this game was a hit as she thought it was so much fun! Hopefully this step will continue to be a part of her routine!

Here are some product features you should know about the Nuby Sea Scooper – Bath Toy Scooper:

  • It’s Fun and Interactive.
  • Scoop all the toys and keep them together in one place
  • Clean up time is fun!
  • Allows toys to dry quick and easily

Where you can find it:

IMG_2799IMG_2800IMG_2964 IMG_2965 IMG_2970 IMG_2971 IMG_2975 IMG_2981 IMG_2992 IMG_2869 IMG_2872 IMG_2867 IMG_2866 IMG_2839 IMG_2824

Please visit Nuby USA!

I did not receive any compensation for this post, although as part of this program I received items to sample or review. As always, all opinions are my own and 100% honest.

Sunday Brunch & The Aquarium of the Pacific

This morning we decided to take advantage of the sunny day and spent time at the Long Beach Shoreline Marina and Aquarium of the Pacific. We recently received this shirt from Moozega‘s new line, one of the awesome shops we are so lucky to be a brand rep for on Instagram and such. If you’ve never heard of them, you really must check them out! The shirts are all printed on American Apparel fine jersey cotton knit material and the print quality is just superior! The ink doesn’t fade in the wash and the designs are gender neutral and wonderfully unique! These are by far some of our favorite printed tees we own and this elephant one was requested by Tanner and I because we just love elephants! As you can see, we tend to put Huntley is shirts sized a bit bigger than her actual size, due to her Winnie the Pooh-like belly!

RANDOM, but here are some reasons why we love elephants! Did you know that elephants are pack animals that usually stay herds with their families.  They are also known to be extremely intelligent and form very strong emotional bonds! An elephant’s memory is truly impeccable as he can actually remember an elephant he’s met hundreds of years ago if he ran into him again. Also, elephants will usually bury a fellow elephant that has died, even if they didn’t know that elephant! But enough about elephants, here’s a flood of photos from today’s outing!

[Moozega Elephant T-shirt I TooRahLoo Polkadot Bandana Bib I Baby Gap Shorties I Freshly Picked Neon Pink Moccasins]

IMG_2259 IMG_2280 IMG_2295 IMG_2294 IMG_2287 IMG_2288 IMG_2256 IMG_2257 IMG_2260 IMG_2261 IMG_2262 IMG_2265 IMG_2266 IMG_2283 IMG_2286 IMG_2275 IMG_2273 IMG_2282 IMG_2281 IMG_2267After brunch (and a funnel cake for the pregnant lady, ahem) we had some photo-fun on the pier then took Huntley to Long Beach Aquarium, where we are lucky enough to be annual pass holders of (thanks to some of our mommy/baby playgroup friends)! Since it was Sunday and a perfect one at that, we knew the aquarium would somewhat be packed and decided to just hit up a few parts that we already knew were Huntley’s favorites such as the seals/sea-lions tunnel, the penguins, and the Baja California exhibit.

IMG_2307 IMG_2320 IMG_2321 IMG_2327 IMG_2329 IMG_2334 IMG_2343 IMG_2349

Afterwards, we headed home and took a much needed family nap! Luckily when we woke from our naps the weather was still warm and the sun was still shining bright so we decided to let Huntley play in the backyard for a bit with water tables and play set.

IMG_2416 IMG_2405 IMG_2404 IMG_2392 IMG_2394 IMG_2374 IMG_2373 IMG_2369 IMG_2362

All in all it was a great Sunday spent! How was your weekend spent?

“Little Peanut” Baby Shower

Today was a very eventful day as I got to help host and throw one of my best friend’s a baby shower for their “Little Peanut” baby Jax expected to be due in six weeks! The theme was chosen by the mama-to-be, Angela’s maid-of-honor Sara and it was a perfect theme for the location chosen for the new parents’ baby shower! The co-ed shower was held at a pool clubhouse in the Anaheim area and was already set in a blue color theme and tone, which worked out great for this blue, grey, and white party palette!

IMG_2136 IMG_2135IMG_2148 IMG_2147 IMG_2145IMG_2157IMG_2159IMG_2156 IMG_2155 IMG_2154 IMG_2150 IMG_2149IMG_2144 IMG_2142 IMG_2141 IMG_2140IMG_2187 IMG_2181IMG_2160

Happily put in charge of hosting the game segments of the shower, I started scouring Pinterest and various websites for fun ‘co-ed friendly’ games. Although there were so many wonderful game ideas, I particularly gravitated to the funny ones like “Pin the Sperm on the Uterus” but decided to forgo those types of games since I didn’t feel they suited the couple and their guests at this baby shower. I took a few notes and came up with the best five games that would work for this event, assuming that we wouldn’t go through all of them. Luckily, the games went fairly quickly and the wonderfully competitive guests were excited to start the next game as each one ended. Here are the list of games I put together:

1. “Tinkle in the Pot” – For every expecting mama there comes an array of pregnancy related symptoms and struggles, one those may include needing to run to the potty as fast as you can without peeing your pants! The object of the game is to “tinkle in the pot” without peeing on the floor! We had six players stand in a row parallel to to six wide-mouth large mason jars the “potty”. The players all donned pregnant bellies (using blown-up balloons) and held a ping-pong ball between there knees and waddled across to the potty (mason jars). First one to “tinkle in the pot” won.

IMG_2164 IMG_2166IMG_2199

2. “Change the Baby” – When I researched games, I liked two different ideas of this “change the baby” game and decided to combine some of the ideas together while also adding my own ideas into the mix. The idea of the game is to come out with a clean baby with a clean diaper and the diaper must be on correctly! This was another six player game and came with a few surprises along the way! I had set up six balloons (blown-up) with ‘dirty’ diapers on them and faces drawn on the balloon so you know what direction to put the diaper on. The stations included individual wipes, talc powder, and a ‘clean’ diaper. First one with the diaper on correctly, clean and powdered won the game. So here’s how it went. Each participating guest, the “parent” stood in front of their babes and on your mark, get set, go – change your baby! The guests opened the diapers and were surprised to find that baby pooped (smeared peanut butter) eww – surprise number one! Be careful – don’t drop or pop baby, newborn babies are fragile! The guest then opened their wipes only to find that, surprise number two, you’ve only got ONE wipe left so you must get all the poop off with only one wipe! The game was lots of fun to watch! The winner’s baby was checked to see if there were traces of poop (there shouldn’t be) and fresh powder and the direction of the diaper was correct!


3. “My Water Broke!” – This was a simple and fun traditional kind of game. I pre-cleaned and froze some plastic party favor babies in some large ice cube tray and had twelve guests play at the same time. The object of the game was to melt the ice using only your mouth (not your teeth, because babies are fragile and you have to be gentle with them) and come out holding a clean ice free baby. First one to get the baby out of the ice yells “My water broke!” Wins!

IMG_2209 IMG_2208 IMG_2206

4. “Baby Bottle Beer Chug” – This is another simple and fun game and perfect for the non-traditional guests and beer drinkers. Of course you can make this more family friendly and child oriented with juice or milk, but we decided to have this be an adult-only game. I found six bottles that were a dollar each and with past trials on this game, I took a scissor to the nipple and added a slit to make it easier to chug. We filled the bottles with beer and handed them to our babies (volunteered guests). The object of the game is to finish the bottle as fast as you can, first one to finish wins!

IMG_2226 IMG_2225 IMG_2222

5. “Feed the Baby” – Each baby is different, but feeding baby solids and getting to see their reactions for the first time is always an exciting moment in mama and baby’s life! I wasn’t too sure about how this game would go, but turned out to be a crowd pleaser with the guests. We had three teams of two (be sure to have two prizes for this game). I cut out holes at the bottom of three garbage bags to use as bibs. We had one team member stand behind the other who sat in a chair. The team member that stood behind the chair would play mom or dad and was blindfolded. The team member in the chair would play baby with a bib on. I handed each parent an open container of applesauce and a spoon. The object of the game was to have baby finish the applesauce and then quickly switch roles. On your marks, get set, go! First team to finish both cups of applesauce wins!

IMG_2238 IMG_2236 IMG_2235 IMG_2234

The Good Eater & Baby Led Weaning

Ever since she started eating solids, heck, even when she was breastfeeding and when I had weaned her to a bottle, she’s always been a very good eater! There were moments in her life where she would go a week or two not eating as much as she normally does and I would wonder, was the ‘good-eating’ just a phase? Tanner would always have to remind me that when she’s teething or sick, the last thing she probably wants to do is eat. And he was usually right!

Not that I am a crunchy mama or anything, although I do find that I have some granola-mommy tendencies, I found that baby-led-weaning was the BEST tactic for us in teaching our child to eat. Although every baby is different and I’m sure Penelope won’t be the same as Huntley in the eating department. I just loved the idea and the essence of baby-led-weaning, being able to give her whole foods to begin with (of course, with our supervision) and if she likes it then she likes it, and if she doesn’t she doesn’t. Of course she liked/likes pretty much everything so BLW was super easy for us! It also works out well with our family dynamic as we want to instill dinner time as a time to spend with family. We simply set up all our meals together at the table and eat at the same time, same food, and this girl practically eats as much as we do. There’s no spoon-feeding Huntley first before we eat, she eats at the same time as us and we love it!

There are, however the consequences of baby-led-weaning, those including the mess – OH THE MESSES SHE MAKES! If you can get over this – for the most part it’s amazing! It’s amazing to see her eat and how much she LOVES IT! And I promise, if you’re patient and baby’s willing to learn, they get better. The mess we clean afterwards seem to be less and less and I am so grateful for this! Just out of curiosity, would love to know how and what you feed your child?

IMG_1773 IMG_1768 IMG_1787 IMG_1786 IMG_1783 IMG_1784 IMG_1782 IMG_1775 IMG_1777 IMG_1772 IMG_1812 IMG_1822 IMG_1823

Bathing Beauty

If you’ve ever seen my daughter around water and seen how excited she gets, you’d already know that bath time is just like “the best thing ever!” Huntley loves loves loves swim class, her water tables (yes, she has two), but most of all – she loves bath time! I bathe her once, twice, and sometimes three times a day! Not because she’s always dirty, but just because she loves it so very much! As I mentioned before, she even broke our converter on our bath faucet so that we’d all ONLY be able to take baths until we got it fixed almost five months later… Many times when Huntley gets cranky she runs to the bathroom and tries to get in the tub, saying “mama-mamaaa- ma-ma-ma” so many of the times I give in. For some reason the water seems to really calm her down. Tanner even calls her his little seahorse (for more reasons than one). Anyways we were recently asked to become part of the Nuby USA Parent Bloggers team and are extremely excited about the idea of sharing our love for their products we already own and reviewing some new products that are soon to come! This Nuby Octopus Bath Time Toss was given to Huntley when she was first born by her Wela and Gramps and these days she just loves it so much since she actually knows to how to play with it.

IMG_1750 IMG_1751 IMG_1752 IMG_1753 IMG_1756 IMG_1758 IMG_1718 IMG_1697 IMG_1688 IMG_1687 IMG_1684 IMG_1662

Newborn Essentials

Before our first baby girl, Huntley, arrived I had done a lot of research on the best baby products and gear before registering and purchasing ourselves the necessities. I wanted the best of the best, or what other’s (with experience) thought were the best! I read reviews, forums, blogs and even made comparison charts (yes, I made charts!) If you asked me what I thought were “newborn essentials” before finding out we were going to have two under two, it might have been different, but here’s my NEW LIST of newborn essentials with the insight of becoming a second-time-around mommy.

1. The Breast Pump – Madela Pump in Style Advanced is my pump of choice, but of course there are so many brands and styles out there to choose from and with ObamaCare we can all get one now! For more info check this out. I prefer this double electric breast pump since it’s super easy to use and gets more milk out at once versus a single pump. Just make sure to empty out the milk. I once left this running for 10 minutes while watching tv and didn’t notice how much milk I had in the bottle already and the milk back-flowed into the tubes… madela 2. The Chair – The Bumbo Floor Seat is the perfect chair for new sitters/soon-to-be sitters. It helps baby to sit upright and is made of super comfortable and soft material that is easy to clean since there are no grooves on top – simple and smooth to wipe down or wash. You can also purchase the matching seat tray, making it an awesome way for baby play with his/her toys. This tray was also perfect for Huntley when she started baby-led weaning. She eventually transitioned to the Stokke Tripp Trapp as mentioned here when she was a full sitter/eater. bumbo 3. The Bottle – Whether supplementing or full on formula feeding, I find that the ComoTomo bottle to be the best! More info here as I’ve mentioned before why we love it so much and why it’s are absolute favorite. Another bottle that we use around here is the Born Free bottles, which are great for colic babies and have a unique design to simulate a natural flow. Huntley loves these bottles and although I prefer the glass one’s I just know she rather carry around the plastic ones. I also like that these ones (glass or high-heat resistant classic) are dishwasher safe. Which is a plus in my book since I hate hand washing all the pieces! bornfree4. The Easy Swaddle Wrap – SwaddleMe Organic Adjustable Wraps are perfect for newborns and are a cinch to use! Honestly I wish we had brought these to the hospital the first time around when we had Huntley. They’ve become lifesavers through the first nights! The only complaint I’d have about them is although the velcro are fairly quiet and makes the blanket easy to adjust, sometimes in the middle of the night when I want to give a little skin-to-skin bonding while feeding or when needing to change a diaper – velcro isn’t the quietest… However I would like to try the Miracle Blanket for this reason, if anyone has any insight about these please let me know. miracle blanket 5. Swaddle Cloths & Burpy Bibs – If you had follow me on Instagram you might already know how much I love love love Aden and Anais Bamboo Swaddle Cloths and we already have a good collection going on!!! I recently bought these ones below which are Nordstrom Exclusives for a girlfriend of mine who we Sprinkled yesterday – love these prints so much and want them for myself!!! The bamboo collection cloths are super soft and I sometimes would even use them as scarves, especially with all the pretty patterns. The Classic A+A Swaddling Cloths work just as well, but without the added extra softness (which to me makes a big difference). However with both kinds of A+A swaddling cloths the size is what is incomparable to the rest! They both measure a nice 47″ square which can also be used as a quick infant carseat canopy when you tie one end together around the hood/visor of the carseat! They also work great as burp cloths, but if you are looking for one in particular I am also a big fan of their Classic Burpy Bib! And when you think baby is ready for a real blanket, the A+A Dream Blankets are amazing and a great transition to the materials baby is already so use to, but more about that in another post. a+ablankets6. For Good Clean Fun – Giving baby his/her first bath at home is one of the most nerve-wracking, yet also most exciting “first” moments, or maybe that was just for us (I taped it and love looking back at it). Anyways, I had registered and was luckily gifted a starter pack of Mustela Bath Time Essentials and am completely hooked! The scent is amazing and unlike any others. (I’ll go into conditioners in another post as well, since we didn’t introduce this until Huntley had had more hair.) And just for fun – although any baby bath will work (some other mama’s favorites Puj and Angelcare Bath Support, we used the Blooming Baby Bath for the first few months! mustela 7. The Kitchen Counter Takeover – With a dishwasher that hasn’t been so trusty this past year, we do a lot of hand washing of dishes and such, those including our nipples and bottles, etc. The Boon Lawn and Grass have become part of our kitchen decor – LOL. You can even attach cute accessories to help dry nipples and other smaller pieces like your Madela breast pump pieces. I would also suggest getting a bottle drying rack or tree, we use the Skip Hop Splash. A good bottle brush and nipple brushes will help you get all milk residue out! boon grass 8. Binky Baby – WubbaNubs have became our lifesavers, especially for Huntley! We’ve boughten over 15 already, but half have been lost or ruined… It’s become her attachment object, aside from her Angel Dear Pink Kitty Lovey. My favorites are the Mary Meyer collection WubbaNubs! wubbanub 9. For Feeding Support – My original plan for breastfeeding Huntley was to get to the “One and Done” and I loved breastfeeding her and didn’t have any issues with it, however, with our unexpected pregnancy and my production decline I had to wean a bit earlier than expected. Using our Boppy Bare Naked Pillow with slipcover(s) to transition from breastfeeding and bottle feeding made it easier than expected. I would still lay her back to take her bottles and we luckily didn’t have any issues with this. In the newborn stages I would have two Boppy’s floating around our house, usually one in our room or living room and one in her nursery on top of our rocker. I love my Pottery Barn Boppy and Slipcovers for their super luxurious and soft fabrics, also, if you really wanted you can get the covers monogrammed. I would also highly suggest getting the Water Resistant Protection Liner to use in between the Bare Naked Pillow and slipcover for spit ups and such. pbboppy 10. The Bassinet – With our small master bedroom and nowhere to put a real bassinet, we had to use our original Bugaboo Cameleon Stroller Bassinet as Huntley’s main sleep space. We then transitioned her to our bed (co-sleeping) into the Baby Delight SnuggleNest, which we thought worked out well, probably even better if we had a King sized bed. This time around, with our soon-to-be newly constructed master bedroom I am excited to have the Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper Premier Series and can’t wait to use it! With all the positive raving reviews and the fact that it swivels 360 degrees and has a bendable side is amazing! I also love the pretty silver damask print! I would also suggest having a Graco Pack ‘n Play to use in the living room, preferably one with a baby changer and bassinet, I was lucky enough to purchase my neighbor’s older version, but I just loved the designs and ruffles, similar look without the ruffles here! halograco pack n play 11. Have Baby, Will Travel – When I was researching travel cribs, this is when the comparison charts really came into play! I wanted the easiest to carry and the most lightweight (yet still best quality) travel crib I could buy. I chose Phil and Ted’s Traveller Travel Crib! It’s the lightest in it’s class at only 7 lbs and folds easily into a yoga mat sized bag! I also have dealt with Phil and Ted’s customer service care when I needed to order a replacement seat for my Phil and Ted’s Lobster after an accident I had with washing it…and they were super easy to work with. My second choice was the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib (light), which my sister has and loves, which weighs only 11 lbs and folds into a case.  Another product I would recommend is the OXO Tot On-the-Go Travel Drying Rack with Bottle Brush as it’s the perfect size to throw into your luggage since it’s super compact and does the job while traveling! And how about the Travel Boppy, I personally don’t have one, but my sister does and used it when we had all travelled to Europe for two weeks with her then 3.5 month old. travelcrib 12. Baby Wearing – I loved the idea of baby wearing from the get-go and was excited to try out all the different types of baby carriers (there are so many!) My personal favorite is the Ergo Classic and we have two of them (Camel and Galaxy Grey), although I love the idea of the new Ergo Four Position 360 Carrier and would love to try it out! If you have it already, please let me know what you think. . Another favorite of mine is the K’Tan as it’s super easy to use, I call it the “wrap for dummies” (like me who never got good at the Moby or Solly, I gave mine away) or at least not fast enough for quick trips to the grocery store (although I hear great reviews on both of those other products). What I’m really excited to use is our Sakura Bloom (ours in Maple) I love how beautiful they look when being worn by all the super stylish mamas and papas on Instagram and can’t wait to use ours with baby Penelope! I would imagine it to be a lighter fabric than the beautiful Rockin’ Baby Sling we borrowed from my sister when we had Huntley. All in all, I would highly suggest BABY WEARING for all! sakura 13. The stroller(s) – We had a good run with our wonderful Bugaboo Cameleon and BOB Revolution SE, but as soon as we found out we were having another (as I’ve mentioned, two under two), we knew we would need a double stroller. Again, pulled out the chart-making and reviews and made comparisons between all the top double strollers! It was decided after reading multiple raving reviews (including video reviews and demonstrations), I had to get the Baby Jogger City Select with Double Seat and you know I had to pull it out and start using it ASAP! If I had originally knew that we would have children so close in age, I probably would’ve gotten this stroller from the very beginning. The number one thing that sold me on this stroller from the rest was the fact that it can transition for a single stroller to double and even triple if you count the glider board! It can also work with the bassinet attachment (yes, I got that too, alongside ALL the other add-ons) or with your carseat (with attachment). Also loved the fact that both seats are “full sized” unlike the others I compared it to. And of course (like the Bugaboo) I went with all black! And did I mention all the different seating positions?! city 14. The Bag – Although I love having different variations and name brand diaper bags, those including Kate Spade and Marc Jacobs, it all comes down to the best for a newborn on this list! So I will have to go with the most popular of choices out there, the Petunia Pickle Bottom ‘Boxy’ Diaper Bag, which comes in multiple colors and styles of fabrics (however I must say – glazed is your best bet at keeping it clean longer)! The bag has a zippered fold out diaper changing pad that can be detached. There are so many compartments, the side pockets are perfect for milk bottles and water bottles, the inside pockets can hold just about everything, why there’s even pockets when you fold out the changing pad! pp boxy 15. Toys & Teether – Sophie la Giraffe, aka Sophie, is still one of the most world popular toy/teether you can get and if you say her full name correctly she’s perhaps one of the fanciest named baby toys! She is made of natural rubber and food paint and is one of the softest rubber toys you’ll ever touch! Although she is technically a teething toy (as marketed), she also makes for a nice entertaining newborn toy with her easy to grab long neck and legs and is easy squeeze to squeak. Another toy that I find essential to entertaining baby is a hanging carseat handle toy, preferably one that baby can start to pull and tug at. Like this one we got at Target. I just wished that there were one that would attach to a toddler seat 😉 sophie 16. Baby on Board – A great carseat is an essential-essential, not just talking about for fun, but you really need it!!!!! My choice is the Maxi Cosi line of carseats for their high quality and again, being the lightest on the market for infant seats. I have the Mico and Mico AP (in all black yet again) one in each of our cars, although they do have some newer model infant carseats in the market right now which I would trust with my experience (customer service and all). However, there are tons of different carseats out there! I would definitely suggest trying them out and getting a feel for it before purchasing. mico 17. Hands-free Care – With a newborn it’s easy to want to hold and cuddle all the time, but even mama’s arms need a break! The Fisher Price Snugabunny Cradle ‘n Swing we borrowed from my sister was amazing for us! This time around I am hoping to get the space saving Mamaroo since I love the idea that it has a car ride feature which always seems to put Huntley to sleep. A nice bouncer is super light and portable, we have the Fisher Price My Little Sweetie Bouncer, but any bouncer should work well. For those moments when I would crave a warm bath or shower I would place baby in the bathroom with me fastened in the bouncer while she slept with the door wide open (keeping it well-ventilated). This way I could peek over the tub or out from the shower curtain to check on her. mamaroo 18. The Sound Machine – We love the Cloud B Sound Machine Soother Sleep Sheep for it’s “rain” and “ocean” sounds and it’s 45min timer. Perfect for nap time to help soothe baby down. We later realized with sleep training that having a constant white noise is like the best thing ever! I even enjoy the fact that we sleep better hearing it through the monitor! My initial choice after carefully researching was the Marpac, but then realized that the Sleep Easy had ranked just as high but with less reviews, but so many positive reviews and was a fraction of the price!


19. Sleep Safe, Sleep Sound – Having a baby monitor was absolutely one of our highest priorities! We decided to go with the most trusted Motorola Baby Monitor and we’re lucky enough to have been gifted this as a baby shower gift! Now we just need to buy the second camera for Penelope’s nursery.


20. For Extra Soothing – We used the Cocalo Perfect Calming Center and loved it! It was a bit sensitive to sound and movement but luckily comes with a remote to stop and start the soothing vibrations. For a inexpensive alternative, perfect for naps to start getting baby to sleep in the crib we got the Munchkin Lulla-vibe prior to moving to a whole pad so that the vibrations would last longer.

If there’s anything missing on my list that you found to be an essential newborn item/product – do please share!

Mammoth Fun – Our Valentine’s Day Weekend

As you know this past weekend was Valentine’s weekend and we spent ours with good friends and family. Since we all have babes under two, we decided to do Valentine’s weekend on the slopes of our favorite home away from home Mammoth Mountain where my brother-in-law and sister have a large spacious cabin/condo perfect for three families! Breakfasts were had in-home (bacon and eggs with toast, etc.) and lunches and dinners were enjoyed outside with the cooler weather and beautiful sceneries! Although I didn’t get to snowboard, yet another season of being pregnant, however I did get to enjoy breath-taking views! Also, having three beautiful little girls running around with laughter and joy in their hearts wasn’t too bad either. I just wish I could say that Huntley loved the snow as much as she loved the ocean, but I’d be lying if I did.

IMG_1092 IMG_1077 IMG_0881 IMG_1071 IMG_1069 IMG_0879 IMG_0869 IMG_1015 IMG_1012 IMG_1009 IMG_0868 IMG_0986 IMG_0981 IMG_0856 IMG_0945 IMG_0851 IMG_0936 IMG_0931 IMG_0842 IMG_0927 IMG_0834 IMG_0821 IMG_0815 IMG_0801 IMG_0911 IMG_0910 IMG_0799 IMG_0798 IMG_0897 IMG_0891 IMG_0797 IMG_0767 IMG_0763 IMG_0757 IMG_0754 IMG_0739 IMG_0731 IMG_0723 IMG_0719 IMG_0711 IMG_0685

Hope you all had a Happy Valentine’s weekend as well!

What’s a Sprinkle?


As the weeks roll by and the belly grows bigger and bigger, I’ve been contemplating whether having a Sprinkle would be a good idea… Originally I was opposed to it! Seeing that I just had a baby shower not too long ago when I was pregnant with Huntley and seeing that this baby is also a girl, I didn’t think it was nice to have people gifting baby items again and so soon. However, my sister in-law is also pregnant and is expecting mid-April and I totally understand why she is having another baby shower – she is after all having a GIRL and with the first born being my nephew, she is looking forward to all the girly-things that I’ve already had the joy of experiencing and will experience all over again.

When we found out that we were expecting another little girl in our lives I knew that we could put a lot of our baby/newborn items on the repeat (i.e. our pink bouncer and anything else pink). What I didn’t realize was that we were going to have two little girls under the age two at the same time! I didn’t realize that with another nursery comes a lot of the same things we already have but are still being used by Huntley, think – crib, crib bedding, dresser/changing table, curtains/blackout curtains (this room has x2), rug, changing pad, changing pad and crib mattress covers, diaper pails, diaper pail liners, baby hangers, sound machines, additional camera monitor, and this list can go on and on… Luckily, I had some covered with my crazy Craigslist/HomeGoods/Amazon finds and early preparation I was able to get the crib, dresser, bedding, and rug, and thankfully Huntley is out of the rocking to sleep phase and we can reuse her beautiful rocker/glider for her little sister’s room! However getting the rest, although small and doesn’t seem too expensive when you look at them individually, I’m quickly seeing how this can really add up! Besides needing to re-purchase many of the same items, I’ve also come to realize that before Huntley I was a working pregnant woman with more time, energy, and money than I have now. It was easy to purchase whatever I needed and wanted for her, but this time I am a stay-at-home mom. As the things we need for Penelope add up, and trust me I’m still going, I’ve come to realize why new mamas might want/need to be sprinkled.

Now what’s a Sprinkle? Even though throwing Sprinkle showers have gained more popularity over the years, there are still many people that haven’t heard of the term or even know what it’s about. A Sprinkle is basically a smaller scaled, less pressure, informal baby shower in which friends and family can “sprinkle” the soon to be new mom (again) with little necessities that she might need for the new baby in which she doesn’t already have. A baby shower is the time when new moms are showered with big ticket items that baby will need (i.e. carseat, stroller, crib, bottles, high chair, etc.) where as a Sprinkle might be the time to get baby new clothes (especially if hand-me-downs are getting bit too worn, out of style, and/or out of season), bathing products, pacifiers, bottles/bottle nipples (feeding things that might have gotten overused), toys, new sheets/bedding, books, wipes, diapers, diapers, and more diapers or anything that deals with poop and pee. Sprinkles are also meant as a way to celebrate each new child, which I love the idea of being a second child and all.

Luckily I still have time to decide whether I’d like to go this route, but I’m glad I have the sister and best friends I do, who were already on top of this before I even knew to be. And they couldn’t be more supportive and positive about throwing me one! Feeling very lucky and blessed to have these people in my life!


(Images found on Pinterest)