The Baby Jogger City Select Triple Stroller Hack

Hello all,

It’s been awhile…

But with the constant amount of questions I get on this particular subject from friends and strangers alike, I’ve decided to come back here to my little page to give some answers.

First off, this post is in no way an affiliate to the company Baby Jogger and their popular stroller the City Select. I actually have no idea whether they would even condone this hack or whether your stroller warranty would be voided after having done this hack. Personally I waited until my stroller had fallen out of warranty to even attempt this.

This is however perhaps an answer for those with multiples on multiples of young children (or even triplets) as a way to get around say places like the mall or theme parks like Disneyland without having to push the monstrosity of a normal triple stroller. With this Baby Jogger City Select hack you are able to get away with the length of a double stroller and still be able to fit an extra child fairly comfortably (we will get into the comforts later).

I’ve literally scoured the internet looking for this hack but could never find it… I knew it was totally possible though. I’ve even reached out to people who have done similar things to their strollers, but no one was willing to give answers. So here I am after figuring out my own hack!  (Thanks to this guy below, I love him so.)


My hack only works with the City Select (Sorry, not LUX version). When people stop me and say they want to try this and that they have the same stroller and I see that the handle bar is different and that it’s definitely NOT the same stroller, I always feel bad… sorry can’t help you, hopefully you can figure out a different hack and even share? So make sure it’s the same stroller before you attempt this. Also, I assume you already have this stroller set to the double as I write this. P.S. This stroller is heavy to push… but what double stroller isn’t… sigh…

So here it goes! (note: you will only be able to have all seats face the person strolling… sorry, but good news you can still switch around the seats when using only two seats).


  1. What you will need: extra seat, power drill, drill bit for metal (Sorry not sure the size. I will have to figure this out, but I literally took in the screw to Home Depot and someone was able to help me find the correct size. If you try this yourself please let me know so that I can share.), Loctite (optional).
  2. OK, now look at your stroller. Look at the center of your stroller. Do you see the two mounting brackets that allow for the different heights of one seat? These brackets are key! And good thing my hack is super easy! Ignore the lower mounting bracket and take a look at the top set. These are the ones you are going to remove. Remove those screws. Save those two brackets and four screws (these are the screws you will need to find the correct drill bit size for).
  3. Once you have the correct bit (make sure it’s one made to drill through metal), you can begin!
  4. First take off all the chairs and pull up the handle to the highest setting (Again, another sorry this will also be a permanent position, but hey you can fit three now).
  5. For the middle seat you will need to remove the footing bar on one of the full-sized seats, this allows for the seat to slide in and out of the middle mounting bracket already there. You will need to adjust the legs to face down. If you would like a snack tray to still fit, you will need to attach this on the seat first as well.
  6. Then take another seat. This will be your top seat. Attach the brackets you have removed. Have someone help align the seat to where you would like it to sit above the middle seat and mark the spot on the frame with a pencil or marker or something you can see. Don’t leave too much room between the middle seat and the top seat… you don’t want the top seat to tip, so keep it as low as you possibly can. Remove the brackets from the seat and place at the area you have marked on the stroller frame. Then mark dots where you will need to drill. Remove the brackets.
  7. Here’s to the drilling. You’ve got to get it right the first time! Make sure everything is aligned and start drilling.
  8. Once you have your four holes, an adhesive spray like Loctite would be a good call at this point before screwing. When you are ready screw in your brackets.
  9. Now for the fun part. Load all your seats onto the stroller. Test the top “hacked” seat for movement and make sure it is secured.
  10. You are ready to go!


Now about the comfort… I’d say the top and bottom seats are pretty much the same comfort as you would expect normally, however the middle seat will seam a bit squished and tight to get in and out of. It doesn’t bother my children as they all prefer sitting and napping in their stroller and like the fact that they each have a seat.

Hope this answered a lot of your questions. If you plan to attempt this or have already, please share your experience, I’d love to hear!

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Teething, Terrible Twos, Threenager and What I’ve Learned

We have our good days and our bad days. Probably true for the majority of us, kid or no kid. And I am not going to sit over pretending it’s all rainbows and butterflies with three girls three and under. Luckily, having three kids has made me somewhat of a seasoned parent, even if they are all so young. I have learned. Yes, I have definitely “learned” so much within these few years!

THE TEETHING BABY: You would think after already having gone through this trivial period twice, it would get easier and I’d have an answer to make all the annoying pain go away. But no. Well at least it doesn’t for the babies going though it. Teething is no fun. We’ve done the amber necklaces, teething tabs, teething gel, the endless chew toys, chew necklaces, etc. all of which are very temporary reliefs for baby. And when I say temporary, I’m talking a few seconds, if you’re lucky maybe even a few minutes of relief. Followed by a drool-ey wet-chested annoyed baby.

What I’ve learned from my babies is that no matter how annoyed, you and your babe are, you will have to get through this period of teething. You and your baby will both get through this together. I promise. Also, thank goodness for all the above for temporary relief! So in the meantime just hand over all the teething goodness to your sweet babe and let her nom away. Some of my favorite go-to’s are of course from Nuby USA and Bumkins. (Happy Hands Teething Mit, Teething Trends Teething Necklace, IcyBite Keys Teether, Chamomile Soothing Tablets,  Teething Gel, and Drool Bib). Also some good ‘ol love and affection can’t hurt either.

THE TERRIBLE TWO-year old: She is wild. She is fierce. She is strong(willed). She is sassy beyond measures. But she is mine. With my first child, “two” was actually a wonderful year. It had it’s ups and downs, but mostly ups! It was the year she was able to start communication and reasoning. It was the year she really took in her “responsible big sister” role and carried it through. It was the year that my husband and I agreed we couldn’t have chosen a better kid to be our first. I didn’t quite understand what all the fuss about terrible two’s were with her. Rarely a sassy moment. And then we had the sassiest of them all as our second! Our talkative, and when I say “talkative” two year old, I really mean it! Tantrums galore! Whether it’s about how she wants her hair, what clothes she wants to wear, or even the food on her plate, she has something to say when she’s not getting her way. This girl can squeeze the saddest tears out anywhere anytime and she will milk it in public!

We call her our “Spicy P” or our “Salty P” depending on the type of sass she is giving at the moment. But through all the sass, the back talking, and terribly ridiculous one-liners, she is still our “Sweet P” and we couldn’t be happier with her. So here I am telling you once again, what I’ve learned. And what I have learned is that this is yet another phase you will get through. It’s the time to stand strong to the lessons you want to instill in her. She will test you. She is looking for that soft spot, but don’t surrender. You are the parent, not her.

THE THREENAGER: This is by far the hardest of the hard when it comes to parenting so far for us, and man, it scares me! They say it’s a like glimpse into the teenage years. I swear my palms are getting sweaty just thinking about this. Our big girl has been testing us beyond our limits in ways we never expected from her. I’ve learned from some that two’s and fours were way harder than the threes, but with how hard it’s been for us at three I am praying fours will be so much better. She hasn’t been acting out so much in public or anything like that, but she has been talking back, giving attitude, even crossing her arms  and stomping her feet at times of anger and frustration. Where she has learned this is beyond me, but man do I feel like doing the same at times.

But what I’ve learned so far from this is, beneath all that facade, there is still our wonderfully smart, adventurous, strong and responsible first-born. She likes responsibility. She likes to be held accountable. She likes to be praised for a job well-done. And she loves being a big sister and all that entails. So what I’ve done and continue to do is to remind myself of who she is. Harness all those positive traits and try really hard to not get frustrated about those “threenager” things, it is not what defines her.

Hey Mom, Hold My Hand.

I’m officially 35 weeks pregnant and I can”t believe we are almost near the end of it. It’s strange to think that this might possibly be my last pregnancy if things don’t pan out for a fourth. Day to day I’ve been struggling whether with allergies, back and butt pain, or even the most recent emergency dental visits to take care of a painful root canal/gum infection (which is still going on, but luckily with the meds I’m on the pain has subsided). However even with it all, I’ve been trying my best to enjoy this pregnancy as I did the last two.

There are the kicks, the jabs, the turning, and so on in which I got to enjoy with each baby very early on (12/13 weeks is when I started to feel all three of them). However there’s something so special about this one baby in me. The connection we have already. It really all started about 31-32 weeks when I could feel her tiny little hand pressed against the inside walls of my belly. I remember reaching down the right side of my belly and actually feeling the little outline of those fingers. There’s no doubt in my mind that this is/was her hand. Gliding my hand above hers I could feel her press the inside walls of my belly out a little stronger, almost as if she were trying to grasp my hand and was telling me, “Hey Mom, hold my hand.”

Elated with the overwhelming feelings and emotions, I just couldn’t stop tears from coming. I grabbed my husband’s hand and pressed it against my belly. And of course nothing. She gave no movement for daddy. I was a bit saddened at first, literally for two weeks she showed no back and forth reaction with her dad as she had shown me. But then it happened! One night after 10 minutes of mommy and me time, I grabbed my husband’s hand once again and placed it on my belly. This time she pressed her hand against her daddy’s. She moved it around and played a sort of cat and mouse game with his fingers which ran across my belly. From that night on every time he does a little poke at the right side of my belly they would play this game for a few minutes. I really truly believe she knows the difference between the two different interactions and I’m very lucky to get to feel all this until she makes her appearance.

More New Nuby Sure Grip Tableware Review & Giveaway

Lately I have been struggling to get out of the house and get things done. My health was a bit out of wack last month and I am finally recovering and venturing out again. If you know me personally you would already know that I am usually quite active. Last night I felt over-ambitious and told myself that I would be taking the kids to Disneyland today since the girls have been feeling a bit deprived of their second home LOL!

Instead we took things easy and went to Ikea, not because we needed anything in particular but because I like the prices/food and family-friendly atmosphere and the free cup of Joe offered with their family program doesn’t hurt either – mama needs her fix!

Which brings me to our review of the new additions to the Nuby Sure Grip Tableware line. As mentioned in our LAST REVIEW with our experience using Miracle Mat Suction plate yay to no more dropped plates and fighting our babes to feed themselves. While I still prefer the size of the original Miracle Mat to take on-the-go and travel with, I had found myself in quite a predicament this morning. When I said I’ve been struggling to get things done, I also meant get things done around the house, say like washing dishes… my dishwasher has been on the fritz lately and I end up hand-washing almost everything these days…so as usual with the rush to get out of the house I tossed what I could in my diaper bag and headed out. I chose to take our new Nuby Sure Grip Miracle Feeding Placemat, Miracle Mat Bear Suction Plate and Suction Bowl (all available to purchase at Babies R Us). When I pulled out all our Nuby faves and placed them on the table as the kids played in the play area of the food court there were lots of stares and questions from onlooking parents; “Where do you get those?” “Those look awesome!” “Do they really work?” and as usual I let them watch my kids go at their food to demonstrate first hand how it all works. My youngest is always the tester if you seen our video on the original Sure Grip plate (via Instagram) you can see what I mean. The cleaning was a breeze, I just wipe the surfaced with a paper towel or baby wipes so I could stow them away and wash them more thoroughly when I get home. Some of my favorite things about the Nuby Sure Grip Feeding line is that they are BPA Free/PVC Free/100% Silicone, integrated section plate, non-slip base that sticks to flat surfaces and of course dishwasher safe (although I will honestly tell you that I feel all these products have worked best for us after hand-washing, but this maybe due to our hand water issues with our dish-washer).

And now for a Giveaway! I’ve partnered with Nuby to give TWO lucky winners a choice of either a Nuby Sure Grip Miracle Placemat, Bear Placemat, or Suction Bowl. Please let us know in the comments below what are some of your kid’s favorite meals for either breakfast/lunch/dinner?  Giveaway ends 11/6/16 winner will be announced here 11/7/16



Ella’s Bows Vintage Headband & Lace Dress

We received the most beautiful mail day with some of the prettiest things from Ella’s Bows. Just looking through EB’s Instagram feed you’ll see that these headbands make for picture perfection! There are also an assortment of rompers, ruffle butt bloomers, and more.

Just wanted to share some photos with Huntley’s new favorite dress! Can’t wait to dress it up for our next family photo session and dress it down  for casual boho look, I’m thinking with a vest? How would you style this pretty lace dress?

Go check out all the wonderful goodies at Ella’s Bows!

Nûby™ Sure Grip Miracle Mat Suction Plate Review & GIVEAWAY

Ok, so we’ve been using this for some time now and well, I’ve got to tell you – honestly, this is probably my #1 favorite item of Nuby! I mean, what’s not to love about it? Finally, a suction base that really sticks – even to woodgrain/textured table tops like ours!

When I heard about this product I thought immediately, “yeh, I’ll give a try” especially since we do BLW (starting around six months) and with BLW comes a lot of mess and the last thing I need on the ground is the whole bowl/plate itself with all the contents on the floor as well. However I am not one to be easily convinced, especially with a baby girl that has yet to find a suctioned bowl or plate she couldn’t easily rip off the table and throw to the ground. For some reason when our littlest Penelope sees a bowl/plate in front of her, her instinctual actions always has her pouring the contents of said bowl/plate over her face (trying to get it in her mouth and only to succeed maybe 10% of the time, if that). I find that the problem with MOST of these suctioned bowls/plates is the actual base itself. The suctioned part of the product only covers a small area of the actual size of the bowl/plate leaving little hands to easily grab the largest part and yank off (especially easy when the suctioned part barely sticks to the wood grain/textured tabletop like ours).

The Nuby Sure Grip Miracle Mat Suction Plate however covers a wider area, well over the actual bowl size. The (whole) plate itself is made of 100% silicone, BPA free, with super gripping action and a built in suction grip that easily seals to tabletops. Unlike other mats this one is thinner than most  of the better gripping action mats but not as thin as the flimsy counterparts, better yet, this one has the bowls attached! My first thought upon receiving this mat is that it seemed kind of small, but once food was placed into the bowl I realized it was perfect size for baby’s portion control. And by this, what I really mean is mama’s portion control. I always tend to over-do the amount of food for my babes and most of it ends up on the chairs or floor. The size of the bowls on this mat however seems to be just enough. The mat is also a great size for most small tabletops as those that fit to your highchair already. It’s also perfect for travel as you can easily stick this in your diaper bag no problem and wipes clean easily.

TIP: When I read first few the arguments about this mat under the comment section on Nuby’s IG when they posted our sample video HERE, one that really stuck out to me was that some babies can probably still peel off and throw this mat (which in reality, maybe he/she can), but really if you think about it the bowl is centered and if you actually press down on the center of the bowl before pressing down on the “thin” edges of the mat you can actually create quite the suction and with the thin edges of the mat little fingers are harder to pry under. Also, make sure the tabletop is clean! Penelope is always up for a challenge and I would be lying if I said she never once peeled up this mat, but I will tell you, when she did it was usually because I didn’t place the mat down in the most effective way as I just mentioned. So my tip is to place the mat down first in the position you’d like it to be then add the food. Hope this helps!

Now available to purchase at: Amazon and Babies R Us or better yet, WIN ONE! We have teamed up with Nuby for a GIVEAWAY! We are giving you two chances to win a Nuby Sure Grip Miracle Mat now!

One way to enter: You may enter by leaving a comment below telling us what your baby’s favorite foods are.

Second way to enter: Head on over to our IG pages and FOLLOW @TiffWall & @NubyUSA, like the post featuring the Nuby Sure Grip Miracle Mat. And that’s it! (BONUS EXTRA ENTRIES – Tag your friends or comment below telling us why your kid needs this mat, separate comment for separate entries).

Good luck!


Potty Training at Two

You may have remembered that once upon a time we cloth diapered, pretty much to one and a half years old with Huntley. She would get rashes and didn’t do to well with disposables. I also really enjoyed CD’ing with one child as it was a lot easier then to line-dry/sun-bleach/etc. and was quite satisfying to know that she had such a a well-taken care of bum – all things considered! With that I will tell you that with CD’ing she was great at letting us know when she had a dirty diaper and wanted it cleaned. This led us to using the potty before one and half and actually having some success!

However, with such fun/busy lifestyle… I’ll admit – I was lazy…

It was hard to keep up with and I rarely wanted to take her to the potty after having put her in the car and being ready to leave. It was even harder during pregnancy with Penelope, and especially after having baby girl x2. I mean, can you imagine my scenario? I would literally have gotten both kids ready, buckled in their carseat, bags in the car, and everything. Suddenly you hear “poo-poo” (which Huntley calls 1&2, so in actuality she might be just talking pee). What am I going to do?  Take her in and leave a baby in the car? Unbuckle both girls (from their carseats) and take both in? I chose to NOT do either… I chose to just drive to my point B (wherever the heck I was going whether it be Disneyland/mall/Target/Starbucks/etc.). So yes, there you go, it was my being lazy and I missed that window of opportunity when she would just yell “poo-poo” in the car. Oh well! At least we got to where we needed to be.

Once we hit two it became apparent (think about the amount of food and liquids this girl eats and drinks, as I said, she’s a great eater). It was definitely time to make this shitty situation a thing of the past!

We had heard great things about the Three-day (pant-less) potty training technique and had to try it out. And you know what? It worked great…while at home…wish I could say while we were out too! But it didn’t. While it may have worked well for others, it just didn’t work with us.

My sister, at Joie De Viv had the whole potty training down nearly before my niece turned two. Earliest person I know! I had to get tips and advice from her! One of the main things I found crucial that I had learned from her was to take Huntley to the restroom every time I had to use the restroom and guess what? Put her on the potty, even if she doesn’t necessarily need to go. To this day, this stills stands (not just for mommy, but for daddy, grandma, grandpa, auntie, and other close family members). I really do think it worked for her since she not only sees the person going, but also knows that she can ask to go potty when she needs or that it’s readily available (potty-ing is nothing to be ashamed of and everyone does it).

Another habit we have acquired is using our portable potty in the trunk of our car before getting into the stroller. It’s really been working for us and she will usually hold it knowing that as soon as we get out she can use the potty. (Side note: We had an incident after being lazy with potty-training on our last vacation and came back with her actually wanting to use the pull-up vs the potty. Then trying to get her to go on the potty at Disneyland and having an auto-flush toilet actually flush while mid-pee. We were quite dependent on the porta-potty for a couple weeks after that incident. I carried this darn potty everywhere for those weeks and would always wipe down the potty with Lysol wipes after each use.)

When we started our whole potty training venture we loved the potty chair we had chosen, but since then have graduated to the NextStep toilet seat cover which has been awesome for our small-bathroom needs. So yes, we use(d) three different kind of potties…

Sweet Treats and other prizes for the win! At first we were using M&Ms (sometimes we still do) as an incentive to use the potty. It really was a big push for Huntley since she loves chocolate and doesn’t get it often unless it was in her milk. I’d carry M&M minis everywhere and would give her a couple if she did no1 or four if she did no2, I’d give her even more whenever she did both. It later moved onto stamps/stickers/temporary tattoos as some of you may have noticed in our snaps and IG pics, she’s covered in them. We have yet to stop treats, but I’m not too worried. She already seems to be weaning herself from them. At Legoland today she forgot on multiple occasions and never even asked for a treat.

One of the biggest problem we had (up until recently) was that we were still dependent on pull-ups at night, or at kids club (our gym’s daycare), and pretty much anywhere that we would leave her with someone other than family. The fear of an accident happening or having to change the sheets constantly was really getting to us and our potty-training success. Every time we were near our last pull-up I would tell myself, NO Tiffany, don’t buy anymore! And sure enough I would be strolling through Target picking up diapers for Penelope and see a sale on pull-ups and finding myself bringing home another two boxes or so…we would see a pull-up and get lazy again…

Until finally (recently) I would only buy undies for our big girl. I made it a big thing! I let her choose the two packs of seven Disney undies which she loved and give her a choice of which one she would be wearing every time we changed out. She especially likes matching things and loves having her undies match her princess nightgowns.

Although I can’t say we are “fully potty-trained” we are way more successful now (at 2.5 months) than we’ve ever been! We’ve gone three whole nights in a row without an accident in her undies/bed! During the days we avoid accidents by taking her constantly and giving her the option to go. Most times when asked “do you need to potty?” She’ll reply with a “no” but we’ll put her on the potty anyhow and she’ll still manage to go, not even knowing that she had needed to go. However, we are still human and sometimes forget to ask her or sometimes don’t even realize until after the fact that she was trying to tell us that she needed to go potty – accidents still happen. That’s when we bag it up and wash at home. But for the time being, we are super proud of our little undie-wearing big girl!

As I always like to say: every kid is different, there are so many different parenting styles & techniques, and no two family dynamic/situation is the same. So what may work for one person may not work for another. But if you would like to know, here are some of our favorite potty-training necessities (oops, spelled wrong below*). What I would like to know is what you did or plan to do or use when potty-training?

[At-home-potties BABYBJORN Potty Chair & Mayfair NextStep Child/Adult Toilet Seat + Portable Potty OXO Tot 2-in-1 Go Potty for Travel + Diaper Bag Dispenser Munchkin Arm and Hammer Diaper Bag Dispenser + Undies Disney Toddler Girls 7 PkLysol Disinfecting wipes + Treats M&M Mini Milk Chocolates + SafeRest Waterproof Mattress Protector]

UPDATE: We are officially six days OVERNIGHT/Accident-free! I forgot to mention how our overnight underwear-adventures went for those first few nights. Let me tell you first off – you bound to have an accident or two, or three or more (luckily for us this part only lasted two nights (2-3 sheet changes each). But don’t worry it doesn’t last forever! In the meantime, be sure to have 2-3 mattress protecters ready! I chose the above, but there are plenty choices available. Good luck!




Happy Birthday Penelope

Dear Penelope,

I cannot begin to tell you how complete you make mommy and daddy feel from the moment we laid eyes on you! I say this not in the sense that we are done having children, but in the sense that you make us feel whole. You make us feel like a FAMILY. You know your dad and I come from families with more than one, two, and even three siblings more than ourselves. And maybe because of this we feel that it’s only right for us to have at least more than one child. So this is what I mean by a complete family (for us, this little Home with Walls, that is).

Unicorn baby, is what your Ai-yi dubbed you. Perfect from birth we joke as your birth was the most beautiful birth that I know, but of course I’m biased and I technically know only two births in my lifetime. However, my birth story with you really was perfect in every way and I would be over the moon if every birth I give here on out (that is if we have more children) is the same way. (Penelope’s Birth Story HERE)

Sweet P really suits you! And when you cry daddy calls you our salty Peanut (I love it). However, you are rarely sad or angry. Hangry, but not angry. You were/are a great sleeper/napper from day one. A thumb-sucker, a self-soother, and truly the easiest baby I know. We moved you into your crib after three-months and had no difficulty with the transition. How did we get so lucky?! If all babies were as easy I think the earth would be overpopulated.

You are charming with people, even strangers, and especially with cute boys three to five-years-plus your age. And although we chuckle about this, we all know it to be true. Even on the cruise you were able to charm an older boy from Holland (and quite the gentleman if I do say so myself) who asked your daddy if he could dance with you on the dance floor. I still wonder how you do it!

Having your sister born first and having been such a great eater, I never thought I could have another child who would eat as well as she did/does. Then you came into our lives and  showed us that another child could in fact out-eat Huntley! You never cease to amaze us! You are so smart! Flipping, crawling, and walking may have come a tad later to you than it did with your older sister (you still hit those milestones fairly early, like I said, you amaze us), but what really has us in awe, even to this day is your talking! I never knew babies could talk the way you did/do all before even turning one. The amount you understand and the words that come out of your mouth is astonishing to your daddy and I.

You may have learned a lot, and we can thank your sister for most of it. Huntley loves you so much. She wakes up in the morning looking for you. She cannot wait to climb into your crib and give you morning kisses, tell you to jump up and down with her on your mattress, and hold you in her arms telling you how much she “lob” (loves) you.

The joy you bring into our lives is something we are not taking for granted. We all love you so much and we cannot wait to spend more and more years watching you grow before our eyes! Happy Birthday Penny! I love you so much.



Nûby™ Stainless Steel Food Jar

Anyone who knows my kids also knows that they love to eat! If you follow us on Instagram or SnapChat you’d see numerous clips of my girls eating. Why is that? Because they just love food and I just love letting those little palettes of theirs explore different foods and flavors! Watching my children eat and enjoy different foods excite me. I love seeing their reactions: head nods, scrunch faces, sour faces, spicy faces – you get it. My family loves to eat, we love to eat different things, and we explore different cultures through food.

Variety is key in feeding my littles! We rarely have to think about bringing breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for these girls when we go out, thanks to baby-led weaning. However, when we do go out on family hikes, park/beach dates, or anywhere that food isn’t readily available we like to make sure to bring food with us. As I’ve mentioned before, I love using stainless steel products and food containers are no exception. We have and use several brands (all which I am very happy with), however when I had the chance to try out the Nuby version I was very pleased with the special features that the other ones don’t come with. We’ve actually been using this jar quite a lot lately with our trips to the beach, hiking and Disneyland, so I can actually tell you from past experiences that like almost all of these products (cups and jars) they are actually a bit temperature sensitive. So be careful opening after trekking up high altitudes or leaving it in the car during a hot sunny day. A pop sound might occur after opening but don’t be alarmed, nothing to worry about.

First off, as with the others, this food jar is made of dual wall insulated stainless steel to keep warm foods warm while still having an exterior that stays cool to the touch (so no random sweat beads dripping into your bag).

One impressive special feature is the separate compartments for this food jar. It included two separate compartments the large part for liquids or wet foods and a small hidden compartment for dry foods (perfect for snacks or treats). I especially like that above this small compartment is the mini tray that fits and includes a foldable spoon for easy feeding on the go! The tray sits above the small compartment and this actually makes for hiding those yummy treats from your little a cinch, until they finish all their food in the jar first.

Lucky for you, this food jar is currently on sale at Babies R Us as part of their Mega-licious Mealtime SALE (3/1/16 – 3/31/16). Visit Babies R Us stores to view Nuby’s full assortment of feeding products & SAVE BIG! Also be sure to check out the FREE Mega-licious Mealtime Event on March 12th at ALL Babies R Us stores! 

I did not receive any compensation for this post, although as part of this program I received items to sample or review. As always, all opinions are my own and 100% honest.


Nûby™ Oral Care Set Review

This was one of the first Nuby products we received when we became part of the Nuby Parent Blogger team and I was never able to sit down and write my full review on this product because I wanted to give my full honest review.

My review for this product is for all three stages now that we’ve actually gone through each one! And I can proudly say my daughter has great oral hygiene and takes pride in caring for her own teeth at only two-years-old.

We started with the FIRST STAGE (the massaging brush): This is designed for babies three-months of age to gently massage gums.The bristles are short and fat and round. You might think, why do I even need to do this my baby has no teeth? But really, this is to get baby use to toothbrushes and the brushing motion before they even sprout those little teeth of theirs. I actually know quite a few people who’ve told me that by the time they introduced their child to the toothbrush it was such a foreign concept to their toddler and that they’re actually struggling to even get in there to brush their teeth. I never had this issue, maybe luck  or maybe because of early brushing habits from using this massaging brush and so on. It also makes for a great teething toy!

Then we moved onto the SECOND STAGE (next stage massaging brush): This brush is designed for babies over 11 months of age and is similar to the first brush in the way that it is rubbery and is still used to massage gums. However the difference is in the shape of the rubber bristles, they are now more pointed (still soft) and thinner to feel more like a regular bristle brush, this way they actually are cleaning the teeth that have already erupted through the gums. This is also the time when parents should focus on good brushing habits! We do our teeth brushing after meals (when at home) and during bath time.

Finally you get to the LAST STAGE (the nylon bristle brush):  This brush is designed for babies with teeth! Since our little one has always been independent (she had wanted to brush her own teeth very early on) we allow her to brush her own teeth for a few minutes to satisfy that independence of hers. However we will always finish brushing her teeth to actually get those pearly whites clean! Or at least until she’s old enough and has the dexterity to get those hard to reach spots on her own.

Now, at two years old, I think it’s finally safe to say that our girl just loves to brush her teeth! We actually have to say no to her sometimes, because more than three times a day seems a bit excessive to mama! Also, she’s had her first check up at 16 months old with our family dentist who was just the kindest! And proud to say both the dentist and the pediatrician have both complimented her nice teeth!

You can find this and an array of other awesome Nuby products at Walmart and!

I did not receive any compensation for this post, although as part of this program I received items to sample or review. As always, all opinions are my own and 100% honest.