The Baby Jogger City Select Triple Stroller Hack

Hello all,

It’s been awhile…

But with the constant amount of questions I get on this particular subject from friends and strangers alike, I’ve decided to come back here to my little page to give some answers.

First off, this post is in no way an affiliate to the company “>Baby Jogger and their popular stroller the “>City Select. I actually have no idea whether they would even condone this hack or whether your stroller warranty would be voided after having done this hack. Personally I waited until my stroller had fallen out of warranty to even attempt this.

This is however perhaps an answer for those with multiples on multiples of young children (or even triplets) as a way to get around say places like the mall or theme parks like Disneyland without having to push the monstrosity of a normal triple stroller. With this Baby Jogger City Select hack you are able to get away with the length of a double stroller and still be able to fit an extra child fairly comfortably (we will get into the comforts later).

I’ve literally scoured the internet looking for this hack but could never find it… I knew it was totally possible though. I’ve even reached out to people who have done similar things to their strollers, but no one was willing to give answers. So here I am after figuring out my own hack!  (Thanks to this guy below, I love him so.)


My hack only works with the “>City Select (Sorry, not LUX version). When people stop me and say they want to try this and that they have the same stroller and I see that the handle bar is different and that it’s definitely NOT the same stroller, I always feel bad… sorry can’t help you, hopefully you can figure out a different hack and even share? So make sure it’s the same stroller before you attempt this. Also, I assume you already have this stroller set to the double as I write this. P.S. This stroller is heavy to push… but what double stroller isn’t… sigh…

So here it goes! (note: you will only be able to have all seats face the person strolling… sorry, but good news you can still switch around the seats when using only two seats).


  1. What you will need: A “>City Select second seat, which we will use as an extra 3rd seat, power drill, drill bit for metal (Sorry not sure the size. I will have to figure this out, but I literally took in the screw to Home Depot and someone was able to help me find the correct size. If you try this yourself please let me know so that I can share.), Loctite (optional).
  2. OK, now look at your stroller. Look at the center of your stroller. Do you see the two mounting brackets that allow for the different heights of one seat? These brackets are key! And good thing my hack is super easy! Ignore the lower mounting bracket and take a look at the top set. These are the ones you are going to remove. Remove those screws. Save those two brackets and four screws (these are the screws you will need to find the correct drill bit size for).
  3. Once you have the correct bit (make sure it’s one made to drill through metal), you can begin!
  4. First take off all the chairs and pull up the handle to the highest setting (Again, another sorry this will also be a permanent position, but hey you can fit three now).
  5. For the middle seat you will need to remove the footing bar on one of the full-sized seats, this allows for the seat to slide in and out of the middle mounting bracket already there. You will need to adjust the legs to face down. If you would like a snack tray to still fit, you will need to attach this on the seat first as well.
  6. Then take another seat. This will be your top seat. Attach the brackets you have removed. Have someone help align the seat to where you would like it to sit above the middle seat and mark the spot on the frame with a pencil or marker or something you can see. Don’t leave too much room between the middle seat and the top seat… you don’t want the top seat to tip, so keep it as low as you possibly can. Remove the brackets from the seat and place at the area you have marked on the stroller frame. Then mark dots where you will need to drill. Remove the brackets.
  7. Here’s to the drilling. You’ve got to get it right the first time! Make sure everything is aligned and start drilling.
  8. Once you have your four holes, an adhesive spray like Loctite would be a good call at this point before screwing. When you are ready screw in your brackets.
  9. Now for the fun part. Load all your seats onto the stroller. Test the top “hacked” seat for movement and make sure it is secured.
  10. You are ready to go!


Now about the comfort… I’d say the top and bottom seats are pretty much the same comfort as you would expect normally, however the middle seat will seam a bit squished and tight to get in and out of. It doesn’t bother my children as they all prefer sitting and napping in their stroller and like the fact that they each have a seat.

Hope this answered a lot of your questions. If you plan to attempt this or have already, please share your experience, I’d love to hear!

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EDIT: For the 1000 of ppl who will compliment you or ask how’d you do it, there will be a handful of naysayers who will try to mom-shame/parent-shame you for doing such hack. As with anything…


4 thoughts on “The Baby Jogger City Select Triple Stroller Hack

  1. Maria says:

    Hi. Can you tell me, is there any way to move the middle bracket up some and put the top bracket a little higher. So to give them a little more room?


  2. May says:

    Love the hack! Is there anyway to send me a photo of this with the middle seat removed, and the two seats facing forward and reclined? I only have two kids but would love if they could both be reclined at the same time!!


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