Mammoth Fun – Our Valentine’s Day Weekend

As you know this past weekend was Valentine’s weekend and we spent ours with good friends and family. Since we all have babes under two, we decided to do Valentine’s weekend on the slopes of our favorite home away from home Mammoth Mountain where my brother-in-law and sister have a large spacious cabin/condo perfect for three families! Breakfasts were had in-home (bacon and eggs with toast, etc.) and lunches and dinners were enjoyed outside with the cooler weather and beautiful sceneries! Although I didn’t get to snowboard, yet another season of being pregnant, however I did get to enjoy breath-taking views! Also, having three beautiful little girls running around with laughter and joy in their hearts wasn’t too bad either. I just wish I could say that Huntley loved the snow as much as she loved the ocean, but I’d be lying if I did.

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Hope you all had a Happy Valentine’s weekend as well!

Love is in the Air!


We were invited to attend a LOVE IS IN THE AIR party/playdate with our playgroup yesterday and boy did Huntley have fun! She wouldn’t even stay still long enough for a picture with a prop (aside from the fact that she kept trying to eat the props – teething baby joys). I took the camera out and stayed on manual, probably not the best idea since I don’t have much of a steady hand these days, let along a steady baby. These babies were on the loose and they’ve sure come a long way from when they were little tykes who weren’t so mobile (we quickly gave up on this group photo as you can see the meltdowns appeared). Our host for the event was a fellow mommy who did an amazing job with decor and snacks including veggies, fruits, sandwiches and Trader Joe’s Sparkling Pink Lemonade (a favorite of mine!) Once the party came to an end the babies (more like the mommies) passed out Valentine’s, and guess what? i was the mommy who forgot to bring Valentines for everyone…where has my mind been lately?! Luckily, all the mommies are super sweet and understanding and I am so grateful for this!


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