“Little Peanut” Baby Shower

Today was a very eventful day as I got to help host and throw one of my best friend’s a baby shower for their “Little Peanut” baby Jax expected to be due in six weeks! The theme was chosen by the mama-to-be, Angela’s maid-of-honor Sara and it was a perfect theme for the location chosen for the new parents’ baby shower! The co-ed shower was held at a pool clubhouse in the Anaheim area and was already set in a blue color theme and tone, which worked out great for this blue, grey, and white party palette!

IMG_2136 IMG_2135IMG_2148 IMG_2147 IMG_2145IMG_2157IMG_2159IMG_2156 IMG_2155 IMG_2154 IMG_2150 IMG_2149IMG_2144 IMG_2142 IMG_2141 IMG_2140IMG_2187 IMG_2181IMG_2160

Happily put in charge of hosting the game segments of the shower, I started scouring Pinterest and various websites for fun ‘co-ed friendly’ games. Although there were so many wonderful game ideas, I particularly gravitated to the funny ones like “Pin the Sperm on the Uterus” but decided to forgo those types of games since I didn’t feel they suited the couple and their guests at this baby shower. I took a few notes and came up with the best five games that would work for this event, assuming that we wouldn’t go through all of them. Luckily, the games went fairly quickly and the wonderfully competitive guests were excited to start the next game as each one ended. Here are the list of games I put together:

1. “Tinkle in the Pot” – For every expecting mama there comes an array of pregnancy related symptoms and struggles, one those may include needing to run to the potty as fast as you can without peeing your pants! The object of the game is to “tinkle in the pot” without peeing on the floor! We had six players stand in a row parallel to to six wide-mouth large mason jars the “potty”. The players all donned pregnant bellies (using blown-up balloons) and held a ping-pong ball between there knees and waddled across to the potty (mason jars). First one to “tinkle in the pot” won.

IMG_2164 IMG_2166IMG_2199

2. “Change the Baby” – When I researched games, I liked two different ideas of this “change the baby” game and decided to combine some of the ideas together while also adding my own ideas into the mix. The idea of the game is to come out with a clean baby with a clean diaper and the diaper must be on correctly! This was another six player game and came with a few surprises along the way! I had set up six balloons (blown-up) with ‘dirty’ diapers on them and faces drawn on the balloon so you know what direction to put the diaper on. The stations included individual wipes, talc powder, and a ‘clean’ diaper. First one with the diaper on correctly, clean and powdered won the game. So here’s how it went. Each participating guest, the “parent” stood in front of their babes and on your mark, get set, go – change your baby! The guests opened the diapers and were surprised to find that baby pooped (smeared peanut butter) eww – surprise number one! Be careful – don’t drop or pop baby, newborn babies are fragile! The guest then opened their wipes only to find that, surprise number two, you’ve only got ONE wipe left so you must get all the poop off with only one wipe! The game was lots of fun to watch! The winner’s baby was checked to see if there were traces of poop (there shouldn’t be) and fresh powder and the direction of the diaper was correct!


3. “My Water Broke!” – This was a simple and fun traditional kind of game. I pre-cleaned and froze some plastic party favor babies in some large ice cube tray and had twelve guests play at the same time. The object of the game was to melt the ice using only your mouth (not your teeth, because babies are fragile and you have to be gentle with them) and come out holding a clean ice free baby. First one to get the baby out of the ice yells “My water broke!” Wins!

IMG_2209 IMG_2208 IMG_2206

4. “Baby Bottle Beer Chug” – This is another simple and fun game and perfect for the non-traditional guests and beer drinkers. Of course you can make this more family friendly and child oriented with juice or milk, but we decided to have this be an adult-only game. I found six bottles that were a dollar each and with past trials on this game, I took a scissor to the nipple and added a slit to make it easier to chug. We filled the bottles with beer and handed them to our babies (volunteered guests). The object of the game is to finish the bottle as fast as you can, first one to finish wins!

IMG_2226 IMG_2225 IMG_2222

5. “Feed the Baby” – Each baby is different, but feeding baby solids and getting to see their reactions for the first time is always an exciting moment in mama and baby’s life! I wasn’t too sure about how this game would go, but turned out to be a crowd pleaser with the guests. We had three teams of two (be sure to have two prizes for this game). I cut out holes at the bottom of three garbage bags to use as bibs. We had one team member stand behind the other who sat in a chair. The team member that stood behind the chair would play mom or dad and was blindfolded. The team member in the chair would play baby with a bib on. I handed each parent an open container of applesauce and a spoon. The object of the game was to have baby finish the applesauce and then quickly switch roles. On your marks, get set, go! First team to finish both cups of applesauce wins!

IMG_2238 IMG_2236 IMG_2235 IMG_2234

The Good Eater & Baby Led Weaning

Ever since she started eating solids, heck, even when she was breastfeeding and when I had weaned her to a bottle, she’s always been a very good eater! There were moments in her life where she would go a week or two not eating as much as she normally does and I would wonder, was the ‘good-eating’ just a phase? Tanner would always have to remind me that when she’s teething or sick, the last thing she probably wants to do is eat. And he was usually right!

Not that I am a crunchy mama or anything, although I do find that I have some granola-mommy tendencies, I found that baby-led-weaning was the BEST tactic for us in teaching our child to eat. Although every baby is different and I’m sure Penelope won’t be the same as Huntley in the eating department. I just loved the idea and the essence of baby-led-weaning, being able to give her whole foods to begin with (of course, with our supervision) and if she likes it then she likes it, and if she doesn’t she doesn’t. Of course she liked/likes pretty much everything so BLW was super easy for us! It also works out well with our family dynamic as we want to instill dinner time as a time to spend with family. We simply set up all our meals together at the table and eat at the same time, same food, and this girl practically eats as much as we do. There’s no spoon-feeding Huntley first before we eat, she eats at the same time as us and we love it!

There are, however the consequences of baby-led-weaning, those including the mess – OH THE MESSES SHE MAKES! If you can get over this – for the most part it’s amazing! It’s amazing to see her eat and how much she LOVES IT! And I promise, if you’re patient and baby’s willing to learn, they get better. The mess we clean afterwards seem to be less and less and I am so grateful for this! Just out of curiosity, would love to know how and what you feed your child?

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Mama’s Feeding Must-Haves

Since becoming  a mom and being lucky enough to have a baby that eats almost anything and everything, I believe I have acquired quite the knowledge of mama must-haves on feeding. If I knew half as much about the quality, conveniences and other information on products as I do now, I wouldn’t have spent wasted time and money on all the failed products that I have tried. I also understand that each baby is different and I might learn this first-hand once our second little girl arrives, but for now I will share what I think is a universal “yes, I need these items” mama feeding must haves. Also, my Huntley girl has always been a little ahead of herself and is eating way more than I think most one-year-olds do. So here it goes:

The highchair – After tons of reviews and trying out her cousin’s Stokke Tripp Trapp Chair, we fell in love! Huntley loves that she doesn’t have to scoot up or sit high to eat as she is always perfectly positioned in this chair to eat! Mama on the other hand loves the clean beautiful design and quality of the chair, also with it’s adjustably with height and configurations this chair goes from baby, to toddler, to child, all the way to adulthood if you so desire to keep it! And as I mentioned, I have a very messy eater and this chair is so easy to clean! Did I mention with the assorted colors you can find one that matches your style and dinner table!

stokke tripp

The traveling chair – Although a bit more expensive than the Inglesina Fast Table Chair, our go-to favorite highchair is the Phil & Ted’s Lobster Highchair! We love the design and high enclosure to keep baby girl from wanting to stand up as she does with all restaurant highchairs. Bonus: it comes with a removable eating tray and carrying bag and fold up easily and is super compact!


If your are still breastfeeding, way to go mama! I wasn’t lucky enough to feed to one since I got pregnant and my milk supply diminished. I quickly moved Huntley to a bottle and luckily we already had tons! Our favorite bottle by far is the ComoTomo bottle! This bottle is great for all babies because of it super soft and natural feel of the medical grade silicone bottle base and wide mouth design nipple, but it’s also great for babies with colic because of its uniquely designed venting system. And unlike most colic reducing bottles, this one has only three pieces, meaning less to clean. (I will do a bottle comparison in another post.)


After our short-lived run with bottles, I’ve moved Huntley to taking her milk through straw bottles, since she already drinks from these her water and juices. (We skipped sippy cups, although I sometimes still use our Boon Sips since we still have some around.) We have two favorite straw bottles: First is the Thermos brand straw bottle, which is stainless steel and is highly durable! Having it be stainless steel is a definite A+ in my book since my girl tends to be rough and has broken multiple sippy cups and straw bottles that were not only hers, but also her friends…this bottle has proven to withstand a lot of falls/throws/etc. It also includes a pop-up handle! Plus, this bottle also comes in tons of assorted colors and designs, those including our favorite Hello Kitty and anything Disney princess!


Although the Thermos brand is one of the best quality, I’ve learned that some mom’s don’t like the heaviness and hard to carry design. This leads me to another favorite of ours – the Zoli Baby Bot straw cup! This BPA free plastic straw cup has a unique Siliflex straw that allows a nice flow for your baby or toddler without spills! The only downside is that it’s a bit temperature sensitive in heat. My girl loves having handles to hold and can even flip her straw out without any help. Also, my number one concern is durability! Our Zoli cups have withstood a lot falls and throws and are all still holding up and functioning nicely.


With a very messy eater I’ve come to realize that placemats are a must unless you want wasted food on the table. I’ve tried multiple reusable placemats, since at first glance it seems like a brilliant idea. However, I’ve quickly come to learn that many many reusable placemats suck! Since then I’ve committed to disposable placemats, unlike the reusable counterpart, these ones actually stick to most table surfaces (plastic, glass, wood grain, etc.) and won’t keep flipping off the table or can’t be easily pulled off by your tiny tot. Best of all – all that food that drops on the side of the mat, on the highchair, and on the floor can be scooped up with some napkins and thrown into a ball of trash with the placemat so you don’t feel terrible about the mess you’ve left for the busser that comes to clean your table afterwards. We are avid customers to Amazon and have found that these packs of Neat Solutions Neat-Ware Table Toppers can be bought in 60 count and work perfectly for our dining needs!


Next up is our traveling food container favorites! We love love love the LunchBots Thermal Stainless Steel Insulated Food Containers after having borrowed one from our cousin and getting to try it out first-hand. This is by far the best food container out there that we’ve used – not only to store take-aways for baby but also for mommy and daddy! Never a spill in sight even after toppling, rolling out, and dropping it! Your food always stays warm or cool for hours!


Even though we prefer the LunchBots container over any other container, with its hefty price we’ve come to try out other similar versions and would say that our second favorite is the Thermos Funtainer Food Jar which like the straw cup counterpart is highly durable and also comes in so many assorted colors and cute designs! It also keeps your food warm or cool for hours, but not as long as the LunchBots. However being almost half the price makes it well worth stocking up on!


Since starting baby-led weaning (self-feeding) at the dinner table, we’ve learned that investing in good stick-on stay-put bowls and plates are very important! We’ve tried many many brands those including Sassy, OXO Tot, Munchkin, and Dr. Browns and have come to a conclusion on our favorite! The one we find that stays on the best and is the easiest to clean is the Boon Catch Toddler Bowl with Spill Catcher and Boon Catch Plate with Spill Catcher. Unlike the rest we’ve tried, there is only one piece to clean and with it’s minimalist design – it’s seriously the easiest to clean! The spill catcher and suction base are very flexible and soft and the whole piece can be washed in the dishwasher! I’ve also heard that the Calibowl Suction Bowls work great too, but for us Boon bowls work excellent!



Utensils are the least of my concerns for eating since we’re still working on this concept for baby girl. She already mimics us when using utensils and we haven’t had a problem with any kind of utensil, even disposable forks and spoons. So if you have any suggestions or favorites, please let me know! I’d love to hear! The Gerber Graduates Kiddy Cutlery has worked just fine for us and are quite inexpensive.


The catch-all bib! We’ve tried a few brand that make the silicone catch-all style bib and haven’t had an issue with any of them. We’ve found the Tommee Tippee Explora Easi Roll Bib to be the cheapest with the same function to work just as well as the rest! Although Huntley would probably tell you that her favorites are the Bebe Bib or Baby Bjorn Soft Bib since the neck part isn’t as thick as the TT Explora and is more comfortable for her, but for half the price, we aren’t discriminating.




I think that’s a wrap for now on our Mama’s Feeding Must-Haves. Would love to hear what your favorites are and any things I haven’t touched on.