Sweet Kaitlyn’s Second Birthday

March sixth marks a very important date on our Wall calendar! It’s Huntley’s Wela (grandma) Monique and cousin Kaitlyn‘s birthdays and now a fellow blogging mommy friend‘s newest addition Lewis’s birthday as well! We decided to meet up at only the happiest place on Earth, Disneyland, to celebrate K’s second birthday! It’s truly so much fun seeing these girls interact these days and I’m excited to see how they interact as they get older!

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Love is in the Air!


We were invited to attend a LOVE IS IN THE AIR party/playdate with our playgroup yesterday and boy did Huntley have fun! She wouldn’t even stay still long enough for a picture with a prop (aside from the fact that she kept trying to eat the props – teething baby joys). I took the camera out and stayed on manual, probably not the best idea since I don’t have much of a steady hand these days, let along a steady baby. These babies were on the loose and they’ve sure come a long way from when they were little tykes who weren’t so mobile (we quickly gave up on this group photo as you can see the meltdowns appeared). Our host for the event was a fellow mommy who did an amazing job with decor and snacks including veggies, fruits, sandwiches and Trader Joe’s Sparkling Pink Lemonade (a favorite of mine!) Once the party came to an end the babies (more like the mommies) passed out Valentine’s, and guess what? i was the mommy who forgot to bring Valentines for everyone…where has my mind been lately?! Luckily, all the mommies are super sweet and understanding and I am so grateful for this!


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