Living Without…

Since marrying and becoming an adult, like a real adult with lots bills, loans, mortgage payments, etc., I have become more and more cheap thrifty careful humble down-to-earth. It all started with our dishwasher breaking over a year ago. After having multiple plumbers, dishwasher repair men come out to check/fix our dishwasher, with little success, we gave up! Everything has and will continue to be hand washed from there on out, or at least until we purchase a new dishwasher.

Eight months ago we decided to cancel our cable to save money, I mean, who needs cable when you’ve got Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video? It worked out fine since we had internet access via our Playstation connected to the TV, until three months ago when our Playstation broke and we could only access the internet through our computer and iPhones (which doesn’t really make for great movie nights). However, surprisingly this has been a very positive push in the right direction for building our family dynamic. We’ve since purchased a larger family dining table and converted our old dining area into a play area and are one less living room spaces, but we had two anyways. We eat all our dinners at the dining table and even push Huntley’s Stokke Tripp Trapp highchair (without the tray) right up to the table so she gets to eat with mommy and daddy.

A month ago Huntley broke the faucet switch piece above the tub. You know the one that switches the direction from the shower to the tub? Yep, we can only take baths now… We have yet to have someone come fix it, but for now, I’ve learned that we’ve been much better at conserving water this way and is also a great excuse for this mama to get some relaxing bath time after a long day.

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