Happy Birthday my Sweet Huntley Lynn

Dear Huntley,

When I first found out I was pregnant with you I was filled with so many emotions: excitement, joy, and fear all at the same time. I prayed for your health and development every day while you were in my belly. I prayed for a safe delivery for the both of us. I prayed that you would know that you were loved even before we met. I loved having you in my belly, you were so much fun even before you were born. You were always kicking and moving about! I felt your first kick at 10 weeks, while your dad felt you at 12 weeks!

A year ago today, my water broke! Again those emotions came sweeping back to me once again, this time mixed with nervousness and some anxiety… I was about to meet you. I was going to finally hold you! The labor was a blur to me and I always tell people it was so easy, but your dad says I’m not giving myself enough credit, I must’ve been too elated with excitement and joy to remember what I had just gone through. All I remember, clear as day, is when the nurse came by my bedside and laid your little body on my chest – I was so in love! I couldn’t hold back the tears as I couldn’t ever imagine living another day without you.

The first months were tough, as you fought sleep through the night but dreamed throughout the day. Several times a night you’d wake up crying, I’d come rushing in to hold you, rock you, sing to you, and nurse you back to sleep, then gently carry you to your bassinet or crib, give you a kiss and lay your sweet head back down. You and I had a routine, was it the right routine? I don’t know. But it’s one that I miss these days as you enter toddler-hood.

This past year you’ve accomplished so much! Your dad and I would use to talk about not wanting to be “those parents,” you know, the kind that gush about their babies being so perfect. However you never cease to amaze us, and yes, we’ve become those parents. You first showed us your strength at your first check up when the nurse put you on your belly (first tummy time at two days old) and you tried to pull yourself forward, even she was amazed! We quickly took you home to show your grandparents and even they were impressed by your abilities as you showed us all that you could flip from belly to back with one kick and at only three days old – yours pops dubbing you “Power Foot”! The day you started to army crawl was the day you wanted to try mango for the first time and you were willing to do anything to get it out of your daddy’s hands, even if you were only four months old! Your first out of country trip was to Taiwan and you were determined to take your first steps to walk the halls of our hotel with your cousin Kaitlyn, which you nearly did! And then proceeded to wait for the day you got back to the US to show your daddy at seven months that you can take more than three steps at once!

Being an optimist you are always smiling, giggling, and are an all-around fun baby! You love clapping, singing and dancing (you’ve got more moves than your mom and dad combined). Bubbles in the tub or blown in the air are the best! You are still obsessed with water no matter the temperature; you love bath time and swimming in the pool or ocean. Although a bit pickier now, since you use to eat everything, you still have a great appetite for food and have quite a distinguished palette for a one year old. Some of your favorite flavors being Mexican hot salsa, mint chutney, and anything sour! You’ve loved sugar ever since your first cake, cookie, candy, and lick of ice cream! You are curious, smart, strong, fearless, happy and so much fun to be around!

You’ve taught your daddy and I what it means to care for and love someone so immensely and our hearts have grown so big because of you! Happy birthday my sweet Huntley Lynn. I love you so much!



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