“She’s such a good eater!”

Babies go through phases and I totally understand that! However as months went on and a year had passed, I think it’s safe to say – “my girl loves to eat!”

Even as a newborn, Huntley drank about 8-12oz of breast milk every feeding and there were A LOT of feedings! Only several weeks old and she was already eyeing whatever mama and dada ate and would give us the ‘hungry eyes’ while we were eating. At three months she would start licking her lips every time she saw one of us, even her auntie, put food to our mouths. By the time I finally let her taste her first puréed Plum Organics pouch at six months she would hold it herself and suck it down until there was nothing left. It wasn’t until her first solid food at six and a half months, mango, that the girl fell in love with food-food!

She always ate all her solids from that moment on, despite the lack of teeth. I knew baby-led weaning was for us! Her favorite meals in the beginning were brown rice, steamed veggies, and chicken. We also learned that this girl has great gag reflexes and every time we thought she was choking she would get it out herself really quickly! As time went on, we weren’t afraid to give this girl anything she wanted; mint leaves to mint chutney, mangos to mango lassi, pork meat to pork ribs and pork sung, macaroni to pho, tomatoes to Mexican hot salsa, this list could go on forever, but you get the point. I know some might think our parenting tactics when it comes to feeding be a little too far stretched, but we never cared about what others thought, because we knew it worked for us and our little girl. And don’t worry, we always supervise while she’s eating!

We knew from the get go that we didn’t want to be parents that had to spoon feed our baby first, before getting to eat ourselves. We knew that we wanted to set standards for our family meals right away – we all eat together at the table and wait for everyone to be done before we have our dessert, usually cut-up and chilled fruit or fruit and veggie Popsicles for our teething girl. Although it’s been a struggle these days with a baby that drops food on the floor then follows it with an “uh-oh” or likes to let us know when she’s done by pouring everything out of her bowl or plate, we’ve been very patient with her. We’ve been teaching her new ways to get her point across without creating such a mess, but we’re still working in this and I’ll update you on this later. All in all, if you follow me on Instagram you would already know, Huntley loves to eat and until her passion for food disappears I won’t be calling it ‘just a phase’.



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