My Maternity Must-Haves & Must-dos

So here comes baby #2 and here comes all the maternity must-haves that I have stored away a couple of boxes labeled ‘maternity’ in our garage. It wasn’t even that long ago when I packed these things away, but as soon as I found out I was pregnant again i was happy to dig it out – dust free! As with every child, every mama and pregnancy is different! These are my maternity must-haves through both pregnancies! 1. At least one pair of ‘perfect’ jeans! – As with any jeans you purchased pre-pregnancy, you’d probably want to try them on first. We’re very lucky these days as there are so many jean options out there, whether it be designer or not. Since I practically live in jeans these days, I have several. My favorite brand by far is J.Crew Maternity Toothpick Jean and coming in next is JBrand’s Maternity Legging, both for there low rise soft elastic panels and high backing. I have also found that the Target Liz Lange Maternity Under-the-belly Denim Jeggings to be quite similar in style and cut but for a fraction of the price!   However, as I’ve said, everyone’s different and some of you might prefer full-panels or wide elastics. I say do your research on the different styles and.or try them on first to get a feel for them. And don’t forget leggings too! jcrewmaternity 2. A good body pillow – Although my husband might not like this new buddy of mine in bed with us, he’s much happier when I’m happier. And I’m much happier when I get a great night’s rest! Here are my two favorites, yes, I have two! Of course you don’t need two, I’m just a bit crazy about my pillows. One for the earlier stages of pregnancy and one for when I start feeling HUGE! I went with the most popular brand and choice of maternity pillow the Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow with the added Heather Grey Jersey Knit Cover. snoogleAnd the Leachoco Back N’ Belly Maternity Pillow in Taupe. My fave pillow! I imagine this is what it feels like to be swaddled as a baby whenever I lay into this! backnbelly 3. Flat Slip-on Shoes – Think on-the-go, what would be the easiest, yet still cute and fashionable for a quick trip to the market, but can also work for a casual lunch out with friends? My favorite go-tos since it still feels like summer here in Orange County are my Sperry Top-Sider ‘Hope’ Espadrille. I have two pairs that I wear to death these days! As with jeans, I would say try them on before buying. You’ll want a comfy pair of flat shoes that fits your style. sperry4. Maternity Tanks – Like in multiples, same or different colors depending on your style. These work as key pieces to wear under almost everything. Think some of the looser tops and stretchy sweaters and shirts that your loved pre-pregnancy and want to wear still while transitioning into full on belly mode. Maternity tanks make it super easy to cover up while still looking cute and trendy! Since I look at these pieces as more of undergarment I don’t have much of a preference in brand or particular style. I own many bought from Target to Ross (yes, Ross $6.99 each). Bonus, if you can find a nursing cami, even better! If you have any particular brand you like, do share, iI’d love to know why. cami 5. Comfy (Stretchy) PJs – There are tons of different styles of PJs out there! I love ones that are made for nursing or your typical button-up flannels or cottons in a bigger size for growing into and using postpartum to feed in. pjs6. Floss – I’ve always had sensitive gums, but I’ve noticed that my sensitivity worsens when I’m pregnant. Finding a good floss and keeping up with good dental hygiene is very important during pregnancy. I’ve learned that gum disease can actually affect the health of your baby! My favorite floss is Oral-B Complete Satin Floss. oralb7. Stretch Mark Cream or Oil (or follow my secret to an inexpensive stretch-mark free pregnancy – I’ll post details later) – I’m sure you’ve all heard of Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion, a nice thicker lotion/or cream version that has you coming out smelling like a cookie! Works great, but I probably over-lather on the lotion and end up going through bottles each month… My favorite product to use is Bio Oil, since I use less of it and doesn’t leave a residue feel to it. I like to lather up right after I shower or bathe. bio 8. Prenatal Vitamins – Any OB will tell you, take your vitamins daily and make sure they have DHA. Any brand will do, I prefer New Chapter WholeMega Prenatal. wholeme 9. A Supportive Bra – As with the rest of maternity wear, try it on. Find one that fits perfectly and is comfortable for you. The best thing you can do for your growing breasts is providing support, even if they are sore and painful. My pick is the Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra (which comes in handy once baby is born).bravado 10. Sore Breast Relief – This is definitely an area that I’ve struggled with during both pregnancies during and after (yes, I started lactating early) so you can imagine, I’ve tried them all! My favorite brand is Earth Mama Angel Baby Booby Tubes! booby11. Water Bottles – I admit, I am terrible, like terrible about drinking enough water throughout the day. I usually end my night trying to catch up on water intake that I missed during the day (my nightstand can attest for it). I have found that when I have a water bottles handy I drink a lot more of it throughout the day. Another great tip I recently received was flavoring my water with fruit in a bottle the night before and sticking it in the fridge so that when I wake up I have yummy water ready and waiting for me. fruit12. Healthy Snacks – With my last pregnancy I was queen of the drive-thru, which is terrible! I worked 8-10hr days and never had enough time to prepare snacks. This time around I keep the house loaded with easy to grab-and-go snacks whether it be nuts, granola bars, or fruit. nuts

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