Five “Top Priority” Baby Registry Wish List

Being a first time parent and not knowing exactly what to register and being given a registry gun and a list items to register for doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll actually register for everything you’ll “really” need. And as you may have learned with wedding registries and such, you might not get everything you registered for and might just get some things that aren’t necessarily complete (i.e. you registered for eight table settings and only received five) and in this case, maybe the baby food storage containers but not the baby food maker. Luckily as with wedding gifts, baby shower gifts can sometimes be returned/exchanged/etc. (although a headache, can sometimes be worth it) but why not get your registry right the first time around?

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I was the new mommy-to-be who wanted to have the best of everything! I did lots and lots of research on all the products before I even registered! What I failed to do, was understand that every baby is different and will need different items. Take for example my niece Kaitlyn – she never liked the swing, baby bottles, or pacifiers really. Whereas my daughter Huntley, born ten months later – loved the swing, drinking from a bottle, and don’t even get me started on Wubbanubs again (it’s like her security blanket for her). So here I am 32, almost 33 weeks pregnant and writing a baby registry wish list, again. This is the list that I’ve put together with the knowledge that I have now of being a mother and getting ready for number two. Hopefully this will help you with putting together your own registry whether first time mommy, second time mommy, third time mommy, or so on. And like I’ve mentioned – every baby is different!

With the help of one of my favorite online baby stores Pish Piosh Baby (yes, you can create your own baby registry/wish list online), I’ve curated my own “Top Priority” baby registry wish-list.

1. The Stroller: So originally I started with what I thought was the best of the best in quality, sought after name brand, and super sleek looking Bugaboo Cameleon (top of the line, the Escalade of strollers). To be honest, I loved strolling around this beautiful stroller of mine and was actually quite sad to see it go. But after less than one year of use we found out that we were pregnant and knew that we would need a double stroller. Of course my first instinct was to continue with my brand loyalty to Bugaboo, but in all honesty after testing out the Bugaboo Donkey in stores, it was a bit too wide for my personal comfort (especially since I shop a lot and need to get through aisles and clothing racks). I tested out several other double strollers and came to the conclusion that a convertible stroller would be the best fit for my lifestyle.


When I knew which stroller I wanted, I also knew exactly where I’d be able to find the best deal to purchase it! Pish Posh Baby made it super easy to purchase my Baby Jogger City Select stroller through their website and even offered free shipping on orders over $75. Of course with another baby on the way, I had to get all the accessories (car seat adapter, bassinet, second seat, snack trays, and glider board). The PPB website also offers comparison charts as well to help make your decision easier.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 9.39.08 AM

2. The Car Seat: (or in my case, the “carseats”) When researching the best infant carseat, weight was the biggest factor in making my purchasing decision. With a dislocating shoulder and mild carpal I needed to find a lightweight, trusted brand, and easy maneuverable infant carseat which is why I decided to go with the Maxi Cosi AP Infant Car Seat.


For Huntley’s big girl carseat we purchased the Maxi Cosi Pria Convertible Car Seat which can be used for an infant as well (but can’t be placed on a stroller with attachment). The best part about this convertible car seat is that it can be used rear-facing, which is the safest position in my opinion and I’m glad that I have this option for as long as I can keep my girls in.

maxi-cosi-pria-70-convertible-car-seat-total-black-413. The Carrier: Having a great carrier makes life easier when you need to hit the grocery store, walks around the mall/park/anywhere really. With my first daughter I purchased the Ergo classic and loved it, however, I’ve just discovered the Stokke My Carrier Cool and love the sleek clean look and feel. This carrier uses a 3d mesh technology to transport heat and moisture away from you and baby’s body to allow airflow and comfort, which would be great during travel! I remember when I had taken seven-month-old Huntley to Taiwan (full of heat and humidity) and thinking how hot it was to have her attached to me for so long (in the subways/trains/etc.) and would’ve been nice to have a lighter material like this one to keep us cool.


4. The Diaper Bag: This Timi&Leslie Convertible Collection Marie Antoinette bag is absolutely gorgeous and not only can it pass for a regular purse, but it is actually a diaper bag (“one of the lightest weight designer diaper bags on the market!”). It can be worn cross-body, comes with a changing pad, zippered sac for soiled clothes, a stylish clutch (which can be worn on it’s own), matching stroller straps (usually sold separately on other bags), and plenty of other fabulous function able features and accessories!


5. The Diaper Pail: Having already had the Diaper Genie, I didn’t know the differences between this pail and other pails on the market. I thought they all had to have a specially designed diaper pail bags (which I hated the fact for my pail). It always ended up becoming so costly in the end… This time around I did my research on the the best pails! To my surprise I found one that would work with cloth diapers as well The Ubbi Diaper Pail, and boy did this excite me! I loved cloth diapering my babe when she was a newborn and used mostly during the first year! This diaper pail (when used for disposable diapers) or even just trash, doesn’t require any special bags! I would always get so upset when my hubby would waste the Genie refills to toss clothing tags and other trash (other than diapers). The Ubbi diaper pail also comes in many colors to help coordinate and match your nursery!


Find all these products and more at

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