More New Nuby Sure Grip Tableware Review & Giveaway

Lately I have been struggling to get out of the house and get things done. My health was a bit out of wack last month and I am finally recovering and venturing out again. If you know me personally you would already know that I am usually quite active. Last night I felt over-ambitious and told myself that I would be taking the kids to Disneyland today since the girls have been feeling a bit deprived of their second home LOL!

Instead we took things easy and went to Ikea, not because we needed anything in particular but because I like the prices/food and family-friendly atmosphere and the free cup of Joe offered with their family program doesn’t hurt either – mama needs her fix!

Which brings me to our review of the new additions to the Nuby Sure Grip Tableware line. As mentioned in our LAST REVIEW with our experience using Miracle Mat Suction plate yay to no more dropped plates and fighting our babes to feed themselves. While I still prefer the size of the original Miracle Mat to take on-the-go and travel with, I had found myself in quite a predicament this morning. When I said I’ve been struggling to get things done, I also meant get things done around the house, say like washing dishes… my dishwasher has been on the fritz lately and I end up hand-washing almost everything these days…so as usual with the rush to get out of the house I tossed what I could in my diaper bag and headed out. I chose to take our new Nuby Sure Grip Miracle Feeding Placemat, Miracle Mat Bear Suction Plate and Suction Bowl (all available to purchase at Babies R Us). When I pulled out all our Nuby faves and placed them on the table as the kids played in the play area of the food court there were lots of stares and questions from onlooking parents; “Where do you get those?” “Those look awesome!” “Do they really work?” and as usual I let them watch my kids go at their food to demonstrate first hand how it all works. My youngest is always the tester if you seen our video on the original Sure Grip plate (via Instagram) you can see what I mean. The cleaning was a breeze, I just wipe the surfaced with a paper towel or baby wipes so I could stow them away and wash them more thoroughly when I get home. Some of my favorite things about the Nuby Sure Grip Feeding line is that they are BPA Free/PVC Free/100% Silicone, integrated section plate, non-slip base that sticks to flat surfaces and of course dishwasher safe (although I will honestly tell you that I feel all these products have worked best for us after hand-washing, but this maybe due to our hand water issues with our dish-washer).

And now for a Giveaway! I’ve partnered with Nuby to give TWO lucky winners a choice of either a Nuby Sure Grip Miracle Placemat, Bear Placemat, or Suction Bowl. Please let us know in the comments below what are some of your kid’s favorite meals for either breakfast/lunch/dinner?  Giveaway ends 11/6/16 winner will be announced here 11/7/16



34 thoughts on “More New Nuby Sure Grip Tableware Review & Giveaway

  1. Ashley Cunningham says:

    Ava is 13 months old and is just now becoming particular about food and textures. Her favorite meal right now is avocado cubed and sprinkled with Trader Joe’s chili lime seasoning, mandarin orange segments, and peanut butter on whole wheat.


  2. Jeanie Webb says:

    My son is almost 4 months. He was born July 11th! Of course right now his favorite right now is milk (formula). I’m so excited to begin baby led weaning at about 6 months. I know it will be a while before we would be able to really use the nuby products in the giveaway, but I would love to have it on hand! IG: jfisher344

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  3. Cathy Fong says:

    My 15 months old Mason is my second son and he loveeesss holding spoon or fork and trying to eat by himself rather than to be spoon-fed. He loves various steamed veggies and cereals at this moment.

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  4. Elvia H. says:

    My daughter loves eggs in the morning. While I cook them, I give her wheat bread with peanut butter. For lunch it varies, but daddy gave her hotdogs and she’s really enjoyed that. For dinner she gets what we eat and she loves chili with crackers. 🙂 she just loves to eat anything really.

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  5. Elvia H. says:

    I would really enjoy the Nuby Sure Grip Miracle Placemat because my daughter (Sulie) cannot keep a plate on her high chair. As soon as she gets ahold of it, she whips it across the room or tosses the food off of it. It was funny at first but now it’s frustrating because I want her to learn how to eat food out of a plate. The miracle place may will certainly help with that.


  6. Emily Shepherd says:

    My daughter’s favorite breakfast meal is scrambled eggs with cheese sprinkled on top, a side of fruit (usually pears), and some cereal or oatmeal! This girl can eat! But if she had it her way, she would eat a donut with sprinkles on it everyday!


  7. Emily Shepherd says:

    My daughter, Allie is 2.5 years old. Her favorite breakfast meal is scrambled eggs with shredded cheese on top, a side of sliced pears, and some cereal or oatmeal to go along with it all. If she had her way, she would eat a donut with sprinkles for breakfast everyday!

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  8. Dustan says:

    My 18 month old, Kai Terror loves almost anything. His favorite of all is gooey cheesy Mac&Cheese. Which with little hands using a spoon, creates a mess. The bowl slides around 😦 His baby brother, Kash is just starting foods as well. He’s 7 months! Good luck to all. Wishing we had a Babies R Us here in Idaho.


  9. Courtney B says:

    I make a chicken pot pie in the crockpot that my daughter loves! Which is nice cause I can put in lots of veggies (peas, corn, green beans, potatoes)


  10. Merrill Cox says:

    My little guy is almost 6 months, born May 14th. We are right around the corner from the adventure of solids!! He is exclusively breastfed right now but we are excited to start expanding his palette, and these products would be a big help for Mama and Papa. And, their bright colors and bold shapes will keep our boy entertained and interested during mealtime. Win win!!

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    • ahomewithwalls says:

      Definitely a win win! I was fortunate enough to be able to breastfeed my last to 15mo – I loved almost every moment of it 😉

      Introducing solids while also breastfeeding is another fun experience for parent and baby! Good luck!


  11. Laura c says:

    My soon to be one year old (November 14th) loves food. He eats everything and never wastes food. We are big supporters of farms so pretty much everything we get is fresh. Just to name a few he loves oatmeal, chicken soup with lots of veggies, yogurt, broccoli, grilled chicken with mashed potatoes and any veggie side. I could go on 🙂 I have one good eater.


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