Keep in Touch

My friend,

As the years go by it seems harder and harder to keep in touch with friends, even the closest of friends. And it gets easier and easier to dismiss those that you love and hope (had hoped) to remain friends with. It may be due to the fact that “we’ve been so busy,” the same excuse you hear from almost everyone. The truth is, even when we aren’t busy, we all need a little break from everyday life and I can totally understand that, as I hope other people do too.

Luckily, I don’t have to work (or at least not in the business/career world) since my job is never-ending and I consider it to be the best job ever. Tanner on the otherhand has to work, and he works hard every day. He works long hours, like 14-15 hours a day with some eight-hour Saturdays, but hey someone needs to work in the family to support us financially. However, this leaves so little time for him to spend with Huntley and I. That one full Sunday he gets with us is like the best day ever for him, with Monday being the worst. The last thing he wants to do is spend time elsewhere with other people on the one or two day(s) he gets off, even if he really enjoys hanging out with those people. I’m always the extra push to get us out and about on weekends. I love hanging out with our friends and family, even on those days that I know I could just stay in with my loves in my comfy pjs and slippers, ordering meals in and baking cookies on the side. I’m the one that, if you call/text/message me to hang out, I’ll never hesitate to say “yes!” Although you might have to be the one to ask, since my mind is always gone these days and very focused on Huntley and getting the house in the order. With the new year approaching, I tell myself that I’ll be better about this “keeping in touch” thing, and that I will be the one to initiate play-dates, coffee dates, mall dates, or just plain “hanging out” wherever and whenever. Just as long as we get to spend some quality time together. Please be patient with me, my friend, and I promise I will keep in touch.

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