Round Two with Two

As the months, weeks, and days inch closer and closer to our due date I reflect back on those few hazy days after giving birth. Before having baby, Tanner would tell me that we could handle our newborn all by ourselves since he was taking a couple weeks off of work and could help with diaper changes, baths, etc. I don’t blame him for anything, as he was just so optimistic and so excited about starting his little family – our little home with Walls. But in all honesty, I was nervous about this. When his parents offered to come out for the week after baby was born, his first reaction was no thank you. However, when the time came, I had to have a talk with him and just be completely open with him about how I was feeling (nervousness, anxieties, etc.) and he happily agreed that it would be a good idea that they did come. Truly having his parents here with us for a week was like a godsend which I/we am forever-forever thankful for!!!

Whether it was the extra push to get out of the house and go feel normal for a bit or when we needed to just get a little shuteye during the day or night, we have our family and friends to thank for this! To be honest, I never thought I was going to be the kind of new mommy that never gets out of the house. I would always scope out family friendly places while I was pregnant or take note of how my sister dealt with getting out of the house with a newborn/baby. Tanner jokes about me being allergic to staying in if it’s been over three hours.

It all started shortly after we left the hospital. We didn’t even get home yet when we both decided we were hungry for real food and with his parents on their way and almost to our house we decided to meet them at Island Burgers (yes, this is Huntley’s first outing, outside of the hospital, and she was a doll!) Luckily we knew that this chain of restaurants is a no-fail for families! When we got there with our carseat they had a carseat carrier ready at our table and Huntley slept through the whole meal.

Within the first week we had meals at home delivered by family and friends, and we are still so appreciative of those meals, especially the ones that people brought us in the hospital! Getting to see friends and family over easy take-out meals (that are hassle-free clean-up) at home and having them meet baby girl was a great treat after being stuck at the hospital. Within that week with his parents helping us around the house (laundry, food, watching baby, etc.) we were able to go eat at some of our favorite places like O’Malleys at Seal Beach (walked the pier) and Slaters 50/50 to name a few. Despite having had an episiotomy and third/almost fourth-degree tear I felt fine enough to go out, even if I had to bum a seat on one of those neck pillows wherever we went (thank you Tanner’s mom for stopping to pick this up at a Rite-aid for me! So incredibly thoughtful!) I was definitely lucky to be able to move about and healed rather quickly!

With this pregnancy I feel more ready to take on those new parent challenges, particularly those first days in the hospital. I know how to breastfeed now, he knows how to thaw breast milk and make formula if needed, we know to bring a pacifier (since we’re definitely ok with having another binky baby, whereas before we weren’t, until we caved two days later – another thank you to his parents),we know how to quickly change diapers in the dark, we know to make shooshing sounds and use white noise makers, we know to use swings and bouncers to free our hands a bit, and so much more than we did the first time around!

All in all, I’m really hoping we have this new parenting stuff in the bag! And hopefully this could let up some more time and energy so that I can help my pregnant friends 😉

2 thoughts on “Round Two with Two

  1. makinglamadre says:

    This is so sweet! And yes its so true that you learn it all so fast. Tell me how you change diapers really fast in the dark. I have ended up just having some diapers and wipes on our night stands for night time changes, but don’t know how to make the changes any quicker. Do share!
    xx Ly

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    • ahomewithwalls says:

      Well, to be honest, not completely in the dark. LOL. There’s usually a mini nightlight built into the humidifier/sound machine/heater/wipe warmer – you get the idea. And luckily she usually only pees in the night, other than those “newborn” stages. The newborn stages were still a cinch though, like you, I kept a few diapers and wipes near the bed and (kept the lights off) would do a few quick wipes down the middle (I don’t have a boy yet, so not sure if it’s more difficult) and one all around the booty, tossing the dirty wipes in the diaper as you go, roll it up and toss, and have the clean one open an ready to do a quick switcheroo with a little lift at the bottom while sliding the diaper under. But sorry, no real tricks, I’ve learned you just get quicker as the time comes 😉

      Good luck mama!


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