Kung Fu Baby!

Baby kicks – just about the best “physical” feeling in the world!!! They’re what makes me so in love with being pregnant! Is that weird to say?!

Oh gosh, I can sit in quiet by myself and just feel baby kicks for hours on end like I do at night during my pregnancy insomnia. When I was pregnant with Huntley I could feel them as early as 10 weeks! My husband was able to feel them at 11 weeks! This time around, it seemed like forever before I felt the first kicks – I believe it was near the 13th or 14th weeks that I felt them. Tanner didn’t feel them until the 15th week and even then they were seldom and faint. Recently Huntley has started to feel them too, however she thinks I’m creating those little bumps and even tries to imitate them with her own belly! Her favorite move right now is lifting my shirt to give me and her little sister raspberries, which we think is just about the cutest thing ever!

Something about these baby kicks – so magical! Maybe it’s the fact that they are so uncontrollable and sporadic. Or maybe it’s that they’re like little reminders telling me I’m growing life within me! Whatever it is about them, I love them so!

So please keep on kicking you’re little kung fu kicks my sweet Penelope!

Daddy, mommy and sissy can’t wait to feel the real thing!

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