Little Sister to Big Sister

Since the day Huntley was born she always had another baby to look up to, follow around and copy. And at only ten months apart from her cousin Kaitlyn, she made it known that she’d catch up to her quicker than we’d all think she could! Their relationship is deeper rooted than cousins already since they see each other probably more than they see their dad’s during the weekdays, they’re almost like sisters! Or at least that’s what Huntley thinks! Her main reason for becoming mobile so quickly was to catch up, you know crawling at four months and taking those first steps at seven months. Kaitlyn was also great at being a big sister for Huntley always giving her helping hands when she wanted to stand or even try to walk. She even grabs her Wubbanub pacifier when Huntley would fall and cry and stick it in her mouth to calm her down! I credit some of Huntley’s new favorite skills to Kaitlyn’s big sister lead. If only she would be as gentle and careful around the new baby as Kaitlyn was with her.

These days Huntley loves to copy and mimic everything I do, or what other people around her do. She likes to rip paper towel sheets off the roll and wipe tables, counters, and even her own high chair. She likes to take her cleaning set and follow me around the house pretending to sweep and mop too (thanks to our friends the Feavels for this gift!) she likes to pretend she’s washing dishes too in her play kitchen when I’m washing dishes, however she wonders why it takes me so much longer than her and hates waiting for me to finish… She likes to wipe her mouth, face, and hands and yours too, with a napkin after every bite. She likes to feed others her food and will even share her cookie or Popsicle with you if you let her feed you. She loves to rub her own lotion on her body (it’s a hoot to watch her rub it on her belly, we love it so), and she’ll even rub it on you, same with Eos chapstick! She likes to wash you with a sponge and rinse you with her cup during bath time, although she might miss pouring the actual water on you! And she likes to give kisses on her own terms, not when you demand one from her. She’s little miss independent these days and loves learning new things like drinking from a water bottle and trying to turn to put the cap back on. A bit worried at first about how she would be with a new baby sister, but I’m beginning to realize that she’ll probably be a great big sister! Here’s to hoping that all these new skills of hers will play a role in being a role model to Penelope! Now we only need to work on her being “gentle” since she hasn’t grasped that idea yet, but rather still grasps a whole chunkful of Remy’s fur and then pulls on it…(that’s our little Elmayra there)

IMG_1567 IMG_1568 IMG_1561 IMG_1555 IMG_1553 IMG_1541 IMG_1536 IMG_1534

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