Real Life vs. My Wannabe Pinterest Life

With all the construction going on at our little Home with Walls, I’ve been pinning away ideas on Pinterest and dreaming of all the beautiful homes! Every time I look at the spaces I actually have to work with, it becomes a challenge! Do any of you have this problem?

Take for instance, our tiny little galley kitchen. It use to be just two sides of ugly cheap cabinets, sink, and stove/microwave combo with ugly thin brown laminate on the floors and tacky countertops that would lead to a plain wall at the end (I wish I could find you the before photos to show you). Before we actually moved in, we had it gutted and decided on creating a U-shaped workspace (which went against our contractor’s suggestion, but even he agreed in the end it came out way better than what he suggested) this gave us more cabinet space and counter space. We also put in clean white cabinets with granite countertops. Sounds great and finished right? Nope, as any homeowner knows, there are always endless projects in a home!

So here’s our project, that for two years, we still haven’t started/completed. We don’t have a backsplash. Watching HGTV and seeing all these how-tos on Pinterest had me thinking I could do this myself. And I’m sure if I had all the tools I needed, maybe I could…but I have given up…I know I know… like I said, I didn’t even start! But c’mon, how many of the DIY ideas you pin actually get done? And how many of those ideas did you actually do or “nailed it!” (click for laughs). Mine would probably end up on that link I just posted…so yes, I’m planning to have someone else come and do it for us…if you have any suggestions on what you think might look best as a backsplash in here, do share!

Another thing about all those Pinterest homes I pinned to my boards, how often do those homes look like that in reality, especially the ones with kids? I just don’t understand…please tell me they are all done up for pictures and not always perfect like that? Even my with my own kitchen at it’s cleanest, my countertops are covered in baby gear! If your house always looks Pinterest-worthy all the time, please let me know what you do to keep it that way!


 Even here I forgot to put away Huntley’s first art piece on the fridge!



2 thoughts on “Real Life vs. My Wannabe Pinterest Life

  1. Trista says:

    Love this! Seriously… story of my life. Your kitchen is SO pretty. I don’t know how you do it with that darn dishwasher. I wish I could fly my dad over for a day to see if he could get it up and running! Our kitchen was a disaster for the month we didn’t have ours!

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    • ahomewithwalls says:

      I think we’re going to have to get a new one or something even though it’s only two years old…it’s covered under extended warranty but the plumbers Lowes send us always say nothing is wrong with it…but seriously nothing comes out clean! Hand washing is a norm here two to three times a day! And as you know we have a very messy Huntley!

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