Shopaholic Mommy, Shopaholic Baby

Bad habits are very hard to break! Unfortunately my daughter is already learning from mama and loves to shop. She constantly puts things in the cart when we go to Target or any super market, granted they’d be things like latex gloves and band-aid boxes (like today at Target when I found four boxes of those gloves and two boxes of the bandaids under the shopping cart…) but it’s really the act of shopping that she’s so fascinated with. Whenever we go out she insists on wearing her purse or anything that you can carry like a purse above the shoulder. She likes to keep her Wubbanub and a box of raisins or craisins in there. Today the doctor also gave her a scribbled out prescription, folded it and handed it to her with a sample diaper rash cream – and of course she immediately stuck them in her purse.

We went to Gap Kids today to utilize there current sales, including the 30% off all regular priced items and additional 40% off sale items (alongside our coupon code for Friend’s & Family). I also came home to find that I had another in my inbox waiting and added more online items into today’s shopping haul – how could I not, it’s on SALE! (You might have already seen my haul on Instagram.) Anyways, whenever we get to the clothes and Huntley walks around she instantly gravitates to bright things and loves to pull the hangers off the racks and bring me dresses and as if she’s laying it against her body to see how it would look – she always says “Ooh, wow!” (which I mentioned she taught herself to say when she was around nine to ten months old and it was hit when she opened presents for Christmas and her birthday). Huntley also loves to pull out credit cards and even knows how to slide them, which I should’ve never let her try in the first place, because now she is pro at it and Tanner IS NOT pleased… the women in line behind us however, always think it’s hilarious – even though we all know it’s T-R-O-U-B-L-E!

Ok, so I admit – I have a problem and I really don’t want my daughters to have this same problem… now what’s the next step?

[TooRahLoo Plaid Scarf I Gap Navy Wool Coat I Levi’s Jeggings I Zara Boots I Handmade Hairclip]

IMG_2581 IMG_2579 IMG_2577 IMG_2574 IMG_2573 IMG_2571 IMG_2566 IMG_2570 IMG_2565 IMG_2559 IMG_2561 IMG_2556 IMG_2591 IMG_2594 IMG_2601 IMG_2602 IMG_2606 IMG_2613 IMG_2625 IMG_2643

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