“Star-Studded Affair” Baby Shower

Although these photos are older – like a lot older, I thought with it being throw-back-Thursday, I’d throw it back to the first ever baby shower I had the pleasure of hosting! This shower was for my brother-in-law Jason and my sister Vivian when she was pregnant with my now two-year-old niece Kaitlyn! The theme was a “Star-Studded Affair” and was held at our little home with Walls with 85+ guests (near 100 that came and left) and one bathroom! Tanner and I had the pleasure of hosting this baby shower with Vivian’s bridesmaids and our friend Lauren (who handmade the adorable star mobiles). With as many guests who RSVP’d for the star-studded event, we decided to hire a taco man to feed the crowd which worked out perfectly. Since I was finally becoming an auntie, I was beyond thrilled and excited to host such an event!

37072_4913103638890_413232284_n 321325_4913103318882_1337584313_n

[Decorations were done by Tanner and I]

[Complete with a onsies and hair accessories design station]
46345_4913103238880_799996889_n 395382_4913103958898_102570786_n 269512_4913103838895_1768248737_n 735053_4913104118902_98010303_n

[Adorable star mobiles were handmade by our friend Lauren]309870_4913104318907_1146815378_n480126_4913122879371_311050733_n[Star cookie cutter favors were put together by Vivian’s maid-of-honor/best friend Kathy and I]

252775_4913104478911_1861228326_n 408286_4913104678916_812130601_n 269302_4913104838920_893385039_n 154162_4913105078926_1212954337_n 316954_4913105198929_2098613117_n 321061_4913105318932_1696983681_n 408455_4913105438935_86039741_n 602785_4913105678941_1875371905_n[Desserts were baked, created, and displayed by Vivian’s bridesmaid Amy]36503_4913105798944_1362589069_n

430119_4913247202479_625859115_n 424101_4913245882446_2594106_n[Tanner thought it would only be fitting to have cigars and a keg available for the men]
184755_4913212241605_1170886406_n 601161_4913208521512_930749245_n 734923_4913207881496_592549728_n 394811_4913205921447_1893707661_n 1200_4913203481386_748205741_n 59516_4913202841370_1837363878_n 23342_4913200241305_2093082878_n 536918_4913200121302_379733548_n[I created this game myself “Bobbing for Nipples” which was hilarious, but in hindsight I would do things a bit differently such as exchanging the nipples for pacifiers and using a wider tub. The idea was still a hit with the guests and created a lot of entertainment for everyone!]

319746_4913191441085_927639993_n 602974_4913188521012_293801702_n 487045_4913186520962_97945804_n[We also had “Dress the Baby”]

528819_4913173640640_1763196065_n 734436_4913173320632_465773613_n 27306_4913170160553_693147260_n[And of course the “Baby Bottle Chug” – which we learned first-hand from this baby shower to cut the nipples beforehand for easier flow during Angela’s “Little Peanut” baby shower.]

65227_4913169480536_4582158_n 65246_4913169440535_783138072_n 22028_4913163240380_1574831420_n[These adorable star lanterns under the patio were found by Kathy.]
196388_4913161280331_179719959_n 427999_4913149760043_313795200_n 269533_4913148640015_1932327146_n[Lauren also came up with the neatest tie-breaker game for the “Diaper Poop Guessing Game” winners. The tie-breaker was last minute and such a success – it was “Find the Safety Pins” which were hidden in rice and you wouldn’t think it was that difficult until you actually try it yourself!]
251984_4913145599939_71429809_n 601160_4913145559938_59133103_n 184628_4913140719817_1575307149_n 270849_4913135079676_25742940_n[The new parents-to-be, at the time]398998_4913134319657_143476699_n 265028_4913106958973_607799534_n 602754_4913106838970_152126630_n 408518_4913106518962_1610518957_n 317013_4913106638965_1574878089_n

379290_4913247402484_1566732069_n[This is the only picture of the invitations we have, courtesy of mama Vivian’s Instagram, that Tanner I worked so hard on…sadly this picture doesn’t do much justice since the stars were actually very glittered (to this day two years later we’re still finding gold glitter around the house!)]

All photos were taken by mama Vivian as well, or on her camera!


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