Sick Baby = Unhappy Baby

As always, I am overgramming (instaflooding) your Instagram feeds if you’re following me and I apologize for that… I’m not quite sure why I feel the need to post just about everything, but it’s a habit that I just can’t seem to break… If you’re following me than you would probably already know that baby girl is sick…

For the most part, we are very social and love to be around other people and other babies, but yesterday was Saint Patrick’s Day and it sure was difficult to keep our part Irish sweetie from celebrating! We would’ve loved to have celebrated with our playgroup at the annual St. Patty’s Day party, but I’m glad we forgone the event and stayed home (wouldn’t want to get the other babies sick).

Huntley has been battling an ongoing/reoccurring ear infection and cold with sinus congestion and lots of coughing (she’s even learned to cover her mouth since she coughs so much). We stayed home and played through the construction (dust/loud noises and all), coloring, watching Sesame Street and re-runs of Yo Gabba Gabba, and playing with all her toys. We just came back from the pediatrician’s office, we were there last week on Wednesday for her 15-month check-up and shots, however our doctor decided against the shots since he found that the ear infection still hadn’t subsided…we went back again since Huntley seemed so lethargic and clinging these past couple of nights. Throughout the weekend and on Monday she seem to be in a good mood and very normal, we even went to Disneyland with my sister and niece to meet our friend’s Linda and Elle (from @BabyElleStyle – the most stylish ladies we know!) However come Monday night Huntley was vomiting non-stop, due to the congestion and drainage when she was in laying position… I gave her four baths throughout the night and once in the morning due to the vomiting and to help clear out her little nasal passages. I even dragged back from Penelope’s nursery Huntley’s glider so that I could rock and hold her to sleep, but she only got three hours of sleep that night.

By Tuesday morning no more vomiting, but lots of fatigue and tantrums. She was able to sleep through the night and in the morning when the constriction crew woke her up I was able to move her into our room and she actually rested on me for a bit, which hasn’t happened since she was a newborn. Can’t say that I didn’t like that, because it sure felt nice to cuddle with her again even though it’s because she’s unwell. The doctor diagnosed the same ear infection today. He told me that it still hasn’t cleared with the two rounds of oral antibiotics and had given her a third round (through two shots in the thighs) this afternoon, we’re hoping that it clears by Friday. If not, than Huntley might have to see a ear and nose specialist as it might actually be sinusitis.

All in all, despite being sick Huntley has been trying to stay in good spirits and even dances when she hears music, like today while we were out in the backyard (our construction crew had music blasting from the stereo).

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