Nuby Garden Fresh Easy Pop Freezer Tray

I am so excited to share with you my review on the Nuby Garden Fresh Easy Pop Freezer Tray! With the weather being so hot this past weekend and a daughter who likes to chew on ice due to her teething (four new teeth coming in), I thought it would be a great idea to create something fun with this tray! Although this tray is marketed and “specially designed for making fresh-frozen baby food in quantity at home,” Nuby also challenges you to “be creative” with the ingredient and new foods!

Since spoon-feeding was not the route we decided to go with (baby-led weaning for the win), I didn’t want to puree foods. Huntley loves to feed herself and weaned herself rather quickly from food packets and purees. She also really enjoys feeding herself via utensils or her own two hands. Although I’m sure a popsicle tray would’ve worked for this easy recipe, I loved the idea of not having a stick in this recipe so that you can use the frozen-ready baby food for two uses – frozen or thawed!

My quick easy Orange Creamsicle Yogurt Recipe: (Enjoy frozen for a cold treat on a hot day or thawed/stirred with granola as breakfast for baby as well as for mommy/daddy – yay to multiple uses!)

  • Organic Vanilla Yogurt
  • Fresh Orange Juice (with or without pulp)
  • Fresh Sliced Strawberries
  • Fresh Grapes

Of course you may decided to puree if you like, before placing in the tray. And of course you can exchange the ingredients with perhaps apple juice and different fruits/berries you have on hand. Like Nuby encourages “be creative” with ingredients!

IMG_3145IMG_3149IMG_3156IMG_3164IMG_3170IMG_3178 IMG_3179 IMG_3180 IMG_3184 IMG_3187 IMG_3194 IMG_3198 IMG_3205IMG_3207

This freezer tray is perfect for making baby food in quantity and is great for babies who are just starting to eat solids or already do. The bendable soft ‘flex silicone’ freezer tray makes it easy to remove, although to be honest, I struggled at first. I kept banging it against the chopping board before I realized how easy it really is! Simply push the bottom of each cube and it simply slides out of the tray – genius design! The lid stays put and doesn’t spill, however, with more watery substances like juice I would suggest not over-filling to the top when in liquid form so that it won’t freeze shut (Note: this makes it harder to remove the lid). You can prepare and make food at home with simple ingredients as well as treats (like the above). I can’t wait to share with more recipes in future!

Here are some more product features you should know about the Nuby Fresh Easy Pop Freezer Tray:

  • Freeze and Feed
  • Stay Fresh sealing lid preserves flavors and nutrients (and doesn’t spill)
  • Non-stick material allows food to easily be removed from tray once frozen
  • Store up to nine individual portions (approx. 1 oz each)
  • Freezer, dishwasher, and microwave safe

Where you can find it:

Please visit Nuby USA!

I did not receive any compensation for this post, although as part of this program I received items to sample or review. As always, all opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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