An Egg-cellent Easter Egg Hunt and Event

As I’ve mentioned many times before we are so lucky to know so many wonderful mommies and babies from our playgroup. While this was probably only half the group, having as many babies as we do – it was a babies galore as always! The mama who hosted is also pregnant and did such a wonderful job with the egg hunt! Eggs were filled with stickers, animal crackers, fun bunny jewelry, finger puppets, dance scarves, etc. It was definitely very egg-travagant for a bunch of one and under babes. Mommies brought Easter gifts and each baby went home with lots and lots of goodies! I had Huntley personalize her own Easter bags for her friends and filled them with gummies and marshmallows and bouncy balls in plastic eggs, NUK Peter Rabbit plates (which didn’t quite fit in the bags), and mini play flutes. I got to admit, our bag was nothing comparable to some of the other little Easter favors! Huntley received some amazing fun gifts including board books, coloring books, glitter/metallic crayons, lots of fun squishy toys, glitter and light-up bouncy balls, yummy treats, and some wonderful DIY Easter projects that were definitely “nailed it” Pinterest-worthy! Mama loves all these goodies, because these are the kinds that we like to toss in our diaper bag and bring with us to entertain her through OB check-ups, waiting at restaurants, and sitting bored in her car seat.

Group photos never happen anymore, even though we always attempt it despite a bunch of crying babies, but I did my manage to “catch” some photos of these little tykes at the party.

IMG_3647 IMG_3650 IMG_3651 IMG_3655 IMG_3657 IMG_3661 IMG_3666 IMG_3668 IMG_3672 IMG_3675 IMG_3679 IMG_3683 IMG_3686 IMG_3688 IMG_3689 IMG_3694 IMG_3692 IMG_3697 IMG_3702 IMG_3703 IMG_3748 IMG_3749 IMG_3752 IMG_3755 IMG_3763 IMG_3766 IMG_3771 IMG_3778 IMG_3781 IMG_3784 IMG_3790 IMG_3792 IMG_3796 IMG_3797 IMG_3808 IMG_3811 IMG_3819

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