Spring Fever – Baby Fever!

This Spring has been a great one for many mommies and daddies we know personally! It’s been baby after baby with many of our friends having their babies born this season. Luckily I got to hold three newborns this week, yes, THREE, all in one week! And I swear with each one I got teary-eyed and filled with all that ooey-gooey mommy-love you might call “baby fever” and you might have already caught notice of this if you follow me on Instagram. Funny thing is, I’m about to have one in like two months, which is probably another reason I’ve been feeling the way that I feel when I’m around all these littles – heightened hormones right?!

It was such a pleasure and actually quite nerve-wrecking at first getting to meet and hold Sincerely Kymberly’s  three-week-old baby Lewis since I haven’t held such a little person in so long! Baby Lewis was a dream – he was such a handsome, calm, sweet, mellow baby and still with that newborn smell which all mommies love so much! I am so glad they came out from Santa Barbara and we got to hang out with them a bit at Irvine Spectrum.

During our playgroup’s Egg-cellent Easter Egg Hunt and Party baby Mayson, who I already got to see a few days before, woke up and I got to hold that gorgeous little two-week-old beautiful newborn! Knowing her big brother already, for some reason I had pictured her to have very similar looks and demeanor, but she is actually quite the opposite from him! While I call her brother “all boy” she is definitely a “girly-girl” for the win! She is bright eyed, rosy cheeks and full of smiles, something that seems foreign to me since I had a little mean-mugger with my Huntley. Meeting and holding little Mayson really put it into perspective for me how our little Penelope might just have a total different personality from our first and I just can’t wait to find out what she’ll be like!

This week ended with no April Fools joke as I warned my best friend’s husband, “this better not be a joke” when he texted me the updates of my girl Angela and going into labor on April 1st! Alas, he settled my worries as he texted me back baby Jax’s first photos! Boy was this little boy just the cutest and a lot smaller than I expected him to be with such a tall daddy! He is his spitting image but with such adorable red apple cheeks and mama’s perfect pouty lips. By the third newborn, I was totally comfortable and wanted to hold him the minute I stepped foot into the hospital room, but of course as a mama myself who’s given birth too, I had to check up with my best friend/new mommy and see how she was doing after her emergency c-section. Gratefully, she was doing fine and had a happy birth story to tell.

IMG_3847bw IMG_3832bw IMG_3839 IMG_3843bw IMG_3848


The following morning, we received wonderful – just wonderful news from my sister-in-law who’s also expecting very very soon! Fingers are crossed all around by the family and here’s to more healthy new born babies to come! Can’t wait to meet my niece Marlee!

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