Bumkins Bandana Bibs Review & Giveaway

Have I not told you how much I love Bumkins Baby Products?! (I promise I’m not being paid to say this!) Even before I had a wee little one of my own I knew about this company through seeing my nieces and nephews use Bumkins products during family dinners and whatnot. I mean, how could you not notice all the cute prints on those bibs of theirs? That’s actually really how I got hooked on Bumkins bibs – and they have multiple kinds too!

Which brings me to my review on Bumkins Bandana Bibs. When Bumkins Baby offered to let me try out a set on our littlest Penelope I was ecstatic! Right off the bat I can tell you this bib is/was perfect for the littlest of babies. We own a ton of bandana bibs from many different companies, but this one seemed to be the smallest, yet thickest (for more absorbency). This is also because these bibs are meant to be used for babies ages 0-9 months (usually when they teeth the most, or at least when they are the drool-iest!) Bibs almost always become part of Penelope’s outfits since she is one super drool-ey baby so good thing they make them in fashionable prints!

When you feel the bibs for the first time you wouldn’t expect to find that there is actually a waterproof inner layer to keep the drool from soaking into babies clothes, since the the bib is made of a 100% soft cotton terry blend outer layers. As I mentioned, we own a lot of bandana bibs but nothing with this extra waterproof layer. Even with this extra layer the bib is still easy maintenance and can be tossed in the washer machine and dryer along with all those other cute baby articles of clothing! The snap closures are adjustable to two fitting sizes and I totally appreciate the button snaps as I hate velcro (the noise and the way it sticks, I imagine isn’t very pleasant for baby). We have been using these bibs for five months now and the design and quality are impeccable as they are still in great condition. All in all, these bibs are great for the littlest of teethers and droolers!
You can get yours on Amazon or at Bumkins directly, however we will be giving away this set to one lucky Instagram winner starting tomorrow and ending within a few days! All you need to do is like the posted giveaway photo and follow me @TiffWall and @BumkinsBaby – simple as that!


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