Penelope Mae’s: Five Month Update

When they say that each kid will be different (in personality, milestone achievements, etc.) boy are they right! Penelope hit her five-month mark this past Sunday and this month has been a whirlwind of change physically, mentally, and emotionally for baby and mommy. No longer seeming of a blob of a newborn, barely able to control anything, to a full on baby ready to take on this big world of ours!

Although Penelope had flipped at only a few weeks old, it was rare when it happened and she would only flip from back to belly (easily upset about being stuck on her belly too). Then that fourth month hit and right away she was flipping with so much control in each direction! Gone were the days of tummy-time as this girl will not stay still. She could roll in whichever direction she so chooses and often starts on a blanket in the play area and ends in the living room within seconds! A few weeks before turning five-months-old she began lifting her chest off the floor and is now kicking in full force with a tiny bit of arm drag (not quite army crawling yet), wanting to get away, and wanting to be mobile just like her sister (jie-jie). I am not ready for all this mobility yet!

Her sitting and standing still needs work when it comes to balance and we assume it’s more difficult for her with that buddha-esque figure of hers (which we love!) She still enjoys both with assistance of course. This is one of the many differences in milestone achievements from her sister and I can’t say I’m not enjoying it as I feared having another early crawler (eeks, two mobile babies under two – could you imagine!)

Penelope is easily amused and loves to giggle and laugh! It’s very rare you see this girl with a mean-mug or an upset face. There hasn’t been any sign of stranger danger with this one, however, she definitely likes to analyze faces and personalities and has a keen memory of special people in her life! Penelope also loves talking (way more than her sister ever did!) She talks to everyone with the sweetest baby babbles and coos. Her favorite sounds are imitations of sounds you make! Which brings me to her favorite Disneyland attractions, yes, she has favorites already and you can definitely tell! She loves the Ariel ride, Disney Junior, and Frozen Sing-along at California Disneyland and It’s a Small World at Disneyland. All full of songs and music – go figure!

All in all, her development seems to be on the right track. Her smiles are contagious and  although I’m sure we are just blinded by love, we can’t help but think she is just the cutest and sweetest Penny around!

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