Holiday, after holiday, after holiday…

It seems like a week before Halloween hits, all the holidays start getting jumbled into one! I remember scouring the stores HomeGoods, Target, Walmart, and Dollar Tree looking for last minute Halloween decorations for the Halloween play-date we hosted and barely finding anything due to all the Christmas decor being hauled out in large boxes getting ready to load onto aisles and aisles of shelves (which were originally filled with Fall/Thanksgiving/Halloween decor back in July). I found a few key pieces I knew I would love even for years to come (a POISON and a The Witch is In signs from HomeGoods, and a few crow skeletons from Target), but it was definitely difficult to fill all those empty spaces in the house since I rarely find non-disposable Halloween decor (we are more Fall-forward when we decorate as we call our favorite “FallWall” time of year). Thankfully a sweet friend of mine (and Halloween lover) had tons of fun decor she’d let me borrow for the party, things that I never even thought purchasing (things such as spooky light up houses and a talking pumpkin).

And then BAM! It’s Christmas! Every time I check my most recent updates on SnapChat and Instagram my feeds are filled with decorating/decorations for Christmas and all that holiday cheer. How can this be – I mean Thanksgiving hasn’t even arrived yet?! Am I suppose to take down all our Fall/Thanksgiving decor and start setting up for Christmas too, all before Fall even ends, or in our case arrives?! I am not looking forward to this… I have at least five storage totes for Fall, not including the two I have for Halloween. And don’t even get me started on Christmas storage boxes… oy! Our garage is truly a wreck since I can’t seem to get my sh*t straight this year…

Last year I actually gave up after opening two Christmas boxes and decided our tree didn’t need all the classic Christmas decor we normally would throw on there. No nativity scene, no wreaths, not much of anything except simple seashells on the tree, after all I was pregnant and we were going to be in Arizona for actual Christmas.

There is however one tradition that has been upheld by Tanner and I – our hunt for the perfect Grand Fir Christmas tree! It always seems like a battle every year to actually purchase this tree since it never shows up on our Groupon/Living Social Christmas tree offers (why is the Douglas Fir so much cheaper with those offers…) and we always seem to go against those offers and shell out $80-$100 or so on this darn tree of ours, but gosh that wonderful lemony pine fragrance it leaves throughout the house!

Are there any Christmas traditions you share and love with your family? Please let me know! We have tons on the Wall family side and I love and adopted them so!

Also, what will you be doing on Thanksgiving? This is the holiday we normally share with my side of the family since my mother’s birthday tends to fall on or around Thanksgiving day (however this year they are traveling). My sister will be hosting at her house for us and some out of towner family members of ours. Can’t wait!

Hope you all have and enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving too, please don’t forget to be thankful before decking the halls!


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