The Struggle is Real & Huntley Turned TWO!

The term “the struggle is real” seems a bit overused. Anyhow, the term is still being used and I’ll admit, I use it quite often now that I am a stay-at-home mother of two.  Granted we have a million wonderful contraptions, do-dahs, and thingamajigs helping make parenthood that much easier – sometimes it just seems… that the struggle is real (First World problems of course)!

Which brings me to this… back to my blog! I miss blogging, but gee it’s tough to keep up with. I always wonder how all these wonderful mommy bloggers out there continue to do so with such ease, like really?

The year 2015 came and went with a blink of an eye and just like that my baby became a two-year-old and out came another one! I said it once and I’ll say it again the holidays in 2015 also seem to come with full-force (remember me telling you about all the Halloween stuff at Target gone before Halloween even arrived and out came Christmas decor?) And then the new year passed by us and BAM! No more #TwoUnderTwo since Huntley turned two, four days later. I remember debating with myself on whether to throw her an elaborate two-year-old birthday party, I mean I had all the pins prepared for it. But luckily with all the baby birthdays/birthday parties, holidays, and other gift-giving opportunities we were left with thin wallets and nothing else in our pockets so our decision was a simple one. In the end my sister and brother-in-law were kind enough to host an intimate get-together for Huntley’s birthday party.  As though that wasn’t enough they also showered her with tons of neat gifts that she went crazy for (those including a Disney Frozen suitcase and bath figurine set)! My parents, aka grandma and grandpa, brought over a yummy cake and if you haven’t heard it for yourself, one of Huntley’s favorite things to say to this day is “birthday cake” so you can imagine how excited she got about the cake! Which brings us to our very own birthday present to our little girl – a cake!

Wait, did you say cake? I thought your parents got the cake…

Yes, my parents did get the cake, but our cake was not edible, or at least none of us would want to eat it. It all started with Amy Jo from DCTC (don’t know what that’s about, see here) and an episode celebrating her birthday using Play-doh to make a cake. It’s by far Huntley’s favorite episode. We decided to stay up all Friday night, even putting her to bed early just so we could have more time to bust out all the cans of Play-doh without her knowing, also we were admittedly a bit excited to start working on our cheap little project for her!

In the end she was thrilled with the surprise! It was a humble birthday/birthday gift, but all in all she was happy with it and that’s all we could ask for!


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