Nûby™ Oral Care Set Review

This was one of the first Nuby products we received when we became part of the Nuby Parent Blogger team and I was never able to sit down and write my full review on this product because I wanted to give my full honest review.

My review for this product is for all three stages now that we’ve actually gone through each one! And I can proudly say my daughter has great oral hygiene and takes pride in caring for her own teeth at only two-years-old.

We started with the FIRST STAGE (the massaging brush): This is designed for babies three-months of age to gently massage gums.The bristles are short and fat and round. You might think, why do I even need to do this my baby has no teeth? But really, this is to get baby use to toothbrushes and the brushing motion before they even sprout those little teeth of theirs. I actually know quite a few people who’ve told me that by the time they introduced their child to the toothbrush it was such a foreign concept to their toddler and that they’re actually struggling to even get in there to brush their teeth. I never had this issue, maybe luck  or maybe because of early brushing habits from using this massaging brush and so on. It also makes for a great teething toy!

Then we moved onto the SECOND STAGE (next stage massaging brush): This brush is designed for babies over 11 months of age and is similar to the first brush in the way that it is rubbery and is still used to massage gums. However the difference is in the shape of the rubber bristles, they are now more pointed (still soft) and thinner to feel more like a regular bristle brush, this way they actually are cleaning the teeth that have already erupted through the gums. This is also the time when parents should focus on good brushing habits! We do our teeth brushing after meals (when at home) and during bath time.

Finally you get to the LAST STAGE (the nylon bristle brush):  This brush is designed for babies with teeth! Since our little one has always been independent (she had wanted to brush her own teeth very early on) we allow her to brush her own teeth for a few minutes to satisfy that independence of hers. However we will always finish brushing her teeth to actually get those pearly whites clean! Or at least until she’s old enough and has the dexterity to get those hard to reach spots on her own.

Now, at two years old, I think it’s finally safe to say that our girl just loves to brush her teeth! We actually have to say no to her sometimes, because more than three times a day seems a bit excessive to mama! Also, she’s had her first check up at 16 months old with our family dentist who was just the kindest! And proud to say both the dentist and the pediatrician have both complimented her nice teeth!

You can find this and an array of other awesome Nuby products at Walmart and Walmart.com!

I did not receive any compensation for this post, although as part of this program I received items to sample or review. As always, all opinions are my own and 100% honest.




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