Bath Time & Nuby Tear Free Rinse Pail Review

As mentioned in multiple blog posts of mine, Huntley is a big time bath time lover! Truth is, we all are! So much so that when it came time for construction on the master bedroom/bathroom addition, Tanner and I both decided we’d rather have a one-sink vanity vs. a two sink vanity just so we could put in the biggest soaking tub that would fit – big enough to fit the whole family if we wanted, really.

Huntley just loves all the space in our bath, and although we’d much rather bathe her in her/guest bath (standard size and depth) as it’s much easier on us, once in a while we’ll let her pick out some of her have bath toys and head on over to our bathroom. It isn’t much of a surprise to find her grabbing her have Nuby toys like the Octopus Floating Bath Toy and the Sea Scooper (reviewed here). Mama also had to remember to grab one of the most necessary of bathing bath time products the Nuby Tear-Free Rinse Pail.

Before receiving this product to review we had been using a competitors version for months. Although the product seemed like a no-fail, any will do kind of product, time did tell… the competitors pail would get moldy very quickly, especially where the water would flow through the tight handle portion. I would let it sit and soak in a homemade vinegar solution, but it still was too difficult to remove. And after fighting the battle of the mold through and through again – I chucked it! We switched to the Nuby version (thanks Nuby for sending this to us), which honestly I was a bit skeptical about since it had a wider mouth opening and was a tad shorter of a cup. As soon as I took that first scoop of water, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the pail would hold so much more water than I had expected it to. The soft edges of the pail also allowed the water to flow smoothly and freely from the soft brim especially from the contoured portion of the pail. The contoured edge makes it easy to get all the water to pour directly where you want as you can actually press this part against baby’s skin or head.

The unique shape of the pail is also another reason why it blew the competitor’s out of the water (or rather into the water). The handle features a comfortable smooth grip and a deep, slender base for easy filling in shallow water. As I had just mentioned about the competitor’s, my biggest issue with the pail was that mold would form in the tight handle space. However with the Nuby pail, the handle is wider and has a wider opening which makes it easier for the area to dry and clean with a bottle brush if needed. We have been using this pail now for longer than we did with the competitors and it has held up very well!

We even took the pail and octopus to the beach since Huntley loves to play with them so much!

The pail is available at AmazonBabies ‘R UsBuy Baby Direct, and Walmart.

A Home with Walls is part of the Nuby Parent Blogger Program. While I received items to sample or review, all opinions expressed are 100% honest and of my own

Penelope’s Three Month Update

These days have been anything but ordinary! Life is seemingly a little bit more chaotic day-by-day, but also a lot more loving as we get through each one together. I say this because most days I struggle to keep both babes happy at the same time and when Penelope’s witching hour happens to coincide with Huntley’s newly-developed tantrums, all I can hope for is the day to end… Then I lay my head to sleep holding Penelope in my arms between Tanner and I (yes, we co-sleep still) and watch my Huntley on the monitor (even though she’s fast asleep) and think to myself each night – “What a blessing! And how did I get so lucky?! I love them so much! Can’t wait for tomorrow!”

As parents of multiples we are never suppose to compare our children to each other, but I find it only natural to do so. Heck, I was already doing it when P was in the womb (she’s was a very active kicker like her sister, but felt like she had more room in there to tumble too). We also co-slept with Huntley when she was a newborn (which only felt like was for a second) and she was really easy to put asleep, however she would sprawl out in all positions to claim as much of our queen-sized bed as she could. This actually made it very easy for us to move her into her room and crib after 7wks of co-sleeping – she loved having her own space. Her room was also directly adjacent to ours which had me at ease with the transition. P on the other-hand is a total cuddle-bug! She loves to feel the warmth of a body, she loves to hear a heartbeat, and she is a light sleeper and can easily be disturbed with sound or movement. We are truly enjoying every minute of the cuddly-ness factor of our littlest!

They say that the second is never same as the first, or the third and so on, and as with the sleep differences there are also the milestone differences. H had learned to roll from day 3 (we had no idea it was a big deal until my in-laws pointed it out) and we never really worried about SIDS with her because of it. However although P can sometimes flip (only on certain surfaces and the way she happened to be leaning on her back), we still worry about SIDS with her since she still lacks control in this area. She can however (with assistance), sit upright for a few seconds at a time and loves standing. She was also able to hold her neck/head up early on!

Our most favorite difference we have found in P is her love of cooing and singing – she has the sweetest little voice! We noticed while watching The Little Mermaid with H, that P started to coo in the pitch of Ariel in the scene where she signs her voice away to Ursula. I started singing different tones to her and to our surprise she would watch my lips and try to repeat the same tones/pitches back to me – we are still in awe every time she does it!

A day before turning three-months old, I had our oober-talented family photographer Alicia P Photography take some photos of Penelope and I just love how they turned out!

Fluff Stuff: Bumkins Snap-In-One Cloth Diaper Review & GIVEAWAY!

If you followed me on Instagram pre-baby to the arrival of my first Huntley Lynn, you’d probably already know that I am a big fan of cloth diapering. With a growing newborn Penelope and soon-to-be working washing machine, I am happy to start stuffing fluff and sharing adorable CD pics again!

While I still get a sense of satisfaction after having stuffed our fluff, my mommy laziness still has me reaching for the all-in-one diapers first before grabbing ones with inserts. I was ecstatic to learn that Bumkins accommodated my love for aio cloth diapers and had created the Snap-In-One cloth diaper! As with most fitted, pocket, aio, and hybrid style cloth diapers, the Snap-In-One has a three snap rise with hip and waist snaps for easy adjusting so you can get just the right fit for your little one. The shell of the diaper is made waterproof with a PUL exterior fabric with TPU to make it stain and odor resistant, while the interior fabric is made breathable and natural with a deluxe layer of cozy cotton/bamboo rayon blend to keep baby comfortable. I was amazed by how soft the interior fabric felt right off the bat! One of the most unique features is unlike other AIO diapers, this Snap-In-One diaper gives you the option to customize the absorbency. The detachable snap insert features minky fabric for comfort with interior layers of microfiber for absorbency. You can also tuck the insert in the pocket to allow for natural fabric against the skin or leave out for a stay-dry effect when needed (say at night time). Bumkins also offers the option to purchase cotton/bamboo Snap-In-One inserts too. Another unique thing that I noticed about this diaper is that unlike other aio diapers which are usually all sewn together, this Snap-In-One makes washing and getting the stains out a lot easier since you can actually remove the liner!

With Penelope’s sudden growth this past week, I knew it was time to start CD’ing! She has the cutest bullfrog belly and chubby thighs so I was actually able to get a nice fit and haven’t had any trouble with blow-outs (which tends to happen sometimes with disposables). The minimum weight recommendation for this cloth diaper is seven pounds and can be used to a maximum 32 pounds baby/toddler.


Whether you already cloth diapering, considering, or are hesitant but would like to try – Bumkins and I would like to give you an opportunity to win your own Bumkins Snap-In-One Diaper! All you have to do is follow me on Instagram @TiffWall, like the giveaway photo, and tag a friend – it’s that easy! Winner will be announced next Tuesday 😉

Fluff Stuff: Bumkins Diaper Pail Liner Review Pt. 1

Bumkins Diaper Pail Liner Pt.1: Size & Fit


You may remember that once upon a time during Huntley’s first year, I spent quite a bit of time stuffing fluff and showcasing on Instagram our wonderful cloth diaper collection hung on clotheslines in our backyard. Something about the sunny California weather, especially during the Summer months always made our fluff look that much cuter! And the sun, well our wonderful sun did wonders on stains – thank goodness for sun-bleaching!

During those sweet months of a breast-fed Huntley, I really did enjoy cloth diapering but then came a challenge when our laundry machine broke and we went to disposables… laziness also came upon me once I became pregnant and we stopped completely… until it came time to registering again, but this time for Penelope’s sprinkle. I researched again all the latest greatest products and came upon the Ubbi Pail, did you know that this pail doesn’t need special bags (yes, you can use regular bags) and you can also use a cloth diaper pail liner! I’m just loving all the contraptions and products made these days to make cloth diapering even easier to achieve with such a hectic lifestyle! During my sprinkle I was ecstatic to receive the diaper pail (from my wonderful mommy group) that I had registered for but didn’t get the cloth diaper liner, so I knew I would need to get one myself.

When I had heard that Bumkins, one of my all-time favorite baby brands were in the cloth diapering business too and also carried a diaper pail liner, I just knew I would have to try them out. After all, I was already hooked on their sleeved bibs and anything from their Disney line (we’re big Disney lovers here in the Wall house).

Since having just received this product I decided to create a two part review and would like to share with you our thoughts at first glance since a full review would need more time and more experience with the product in the long haul (fill, wash, wear, etc.). Much like the company’s wet bags and bibs, the liners come in a few assorted changing colors and prints (such as the ones shown above).  The bag itself has elastic around the opening to cinch around any diaper pail shape. Works great with our Ubbi pail. This diaper pail liner is 27″ tall and 54″ in circumference. The seams are heat sealed so you don’t have to worry about leaks of liquid or odor. Also, I really love that these bags are machine washable and reusable.

You may find this product and other finer baby products at

*This review is 100% original and in my own words. Everything written is from my own personal view point and opinions. I have been provided with product to review by Bumkins Finer Baby Products however I have not been compensated monetarily for this review.

Family Maternity Shoot: Bohemian Beach Baby



[Photography by Alicia P. Photography]

Posted: A little late, but had to post our family fun photo-shoot shot by my dear talented friend Alicia again – she’s our designated family photographer these days if you can’t tell already! We took to our favorite local beach, Seal Beach, under the pier and shot for about thirty minutes or so. The beach is always one of our top prime photo locations because of how effortless and ever so happy we are when we’re by the salty ocean air. It was the perfect morning with the people I love the most and if you can’t tell by the pictures above, Tanner and I were relishing our last days spent as a family of three, which would soon become four!

Liquid Gold: “Pump it”

Breastfeeding may not be for everyone and I understand there are even those who aren’t fortunate enough to be able to do so… however, breastfeeding is definitely something of importance to our lifestyle with raising our kids and I’m so lucky to continue to do so.


Another thing I am so fortunate to experience is being able to feed my babies on-demand, since I’m a stay-at-home mom and  am usually with my baby the whole time. But for some working moms who need to be away from their babies – luckily we live in an age where we can express breast milk almost anywhere and have the tools and know-how to do so.

With my first baby I didn’t think it was necessary for me to order a breast pump since I knew I would be able to feed my baby on-demand as a SAHM, however, what I didn’t know was how my body would respond to having a baby and having my milk come in (or in my case, how much milk would come in). A few months before Huntley was born I had already started lactating the oh-so coined term “liquid gold” colostrum without any pain, but just some bothersome leakage which was easily fixed with some breast pads. However a couple days after baby girl was born I became engorged, very engorged with milk – and lots of it! My mother-in-law who had come to visit and care for us after baby was born quickly saw my pain and frustrations and bought me an EvenFlo Single Electric Pump, however it didn’t quite function as smoothly as a single vs. a double pump.

With the aftercare options and resources from our hospital, I was able to see a lactation consultant for several weeks after baby was born and learned that hand expression and single pumping wasn’t going to work for me (even with a very healthy breastfed baby). Luckily with The Affordable Care Act our health plans cover our breast-feeding support and supplies, and I was able to acquire a Medela Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump. It was perfect for expressing when I was engorged! I would get 8-10oz in a single pumping session (sometimes it would get too full and back up into the tubing – I’ve boughten three new sets since…). Unfortunately I wasn’t as informed about proper storing of breast milk, why breast milk consistency/taste changes, and all that other good stuff you can find through the La Leche League International and so my husband and I threw most of it (perfectly good milk) out…


This time around I was ready and knew what my body capabilities are (even though this can obviously change with every pregnancy), mine stayed the same. Colostrum came in early before birth, milk came in at day five, and I was ready for constant pumping to relieve engorgement! Like I said I was ready! I ordered the Ameda after reading reviews about the different setting options. Although with my experiences of the two pumps, I was able to see right away that the breast milk collection from the Ameda was a lot more, a lot quicker – I would say that my Medela is still the more comfortable option for my need to relieve engorgement.

IMG_5146 IMG_5150

Once I learned the proper ways to store breast milk we also learned about bottle warmers and sterilizers. As a Nuby Parent Blogger with a new bundle of joy arriving, I knew I would have to try out the Nuby One-Touch Electric Warmer & Sterilizer. After having strictly bottle-fed Penelope for two days (while giving my tender nips a break) my husband and I were amazed at what this electric warmer/sterilizer could do in only a few minutes. We heated up bottles quickly with little to no water needed to be poured and boiled which seems foreign to us since we’ve always ran hot water from the sink (wasting lots of water) in the past. The first time we used it was to actually sterilize new pacifiers for Huntley and it’s been on the repeat since the arrival of our baby girl Penelope. Big sister just loves to steal her pacifiers and claim them as her own! What I consider the best thing about this warmer is that fact that you can control the amount of heat with the amount of water you pour in it. You can tweak it for different needs! Also the unit is small enough to be portable when you travel.


You can purchase the Nuby One-Touch Electric Warmer & Sterilizer at BuyBabyDirect or Walmart and learn more about the latest Nuby products and promotions through their Facebook and Instagram pages.

*This review is 100% original and in my own words. Everything written is from my own personal view point and opinions. I have been provided with product to review by Nuby USA as a part of their Nuby Parent Blogger program however I have not been compensated monetarily for this review.

A Birth Story: Penelope Mae Wall 05.25.15


After having my first come into world (two-weeks early, according to the OB’s dating) at eight pounds, 11 ounces, I didn’t think it was quite possible to have a small baby. And so I packed a couple of newborn outfits and a couple 0-3mo outfits just in case, little did I know we’d have a baby weighing in at only six pounds, 11 ounces (leaving the hospital at six pounds, five ounces) and drowning in her adorable newborn coming home outfit.

Penelope’s birth story is one that makes you think, wow, having a baby is so easy! However, with Huntley’s birth story I know it isn’t always as easy…

It all started at 10:30 p.m. the night before Memorial Day. The hubby and I were so excited to have our master bedroom addition painted and finished. No curtains to cover the windows yet, no furniture other than the new Restoration Hardware Cal-king Maison bed un-assembled and neatly wrapped, alongside our just-arrived memory foam mattress and box springs. I was giddy with excitement to finally be able to put the bed together! Before moving around the furniture pieces, I felt a small gush of water… I knew that this could’ve meant that my water had broken, however, unlike my water break with Huntley, it wasn’t a lot of water and it wasn’t something that I was sure of. I felt no contractions whatsoever. With my first the contractions came instantly and I had dilated to 5 before even entering the hospital. And so we kept going forth with our plan of assembling our bed!

As I helped move around pieces at nine months pregnant, I would feel more and more little gushes of water trickling down my inner thighs, but still no contractions. It wasn’t when we had put all the finishing touches to the bed that both my hubby and I knew my water had really broken, but again there were no contractions. And as with the first, I decided I’d want to labor mostly at home if I could, and so I went to bed (with lots of towels of course).

Feeling a bit uncomfortable and uneasy, I woke up at 5:30 a.m. I called my doctors office and let the nurse know that my water had broken the night before and that I was feeling no contractions throughout the night. She told me to quickly head to the hospital – which I didn’t. I took my time at home packing away some odds and ends for Huntley’s stay with her grandparents while she and the hubby slept in an hour more. Then I took a shower and freshened up a bit while the hubby packed our car with our getaway bag and woke up our little girl (soon to be big sister), got her ready and set in the car. We dropped her off at my parents house and headed straight to the hospital.

At the hospital they confirmed my water break and determined that I had only dilated half a centimeter since my last doctor’s visit in which I was dilated two and half already. Since the process wasn’t moving along the doctor and the nurses decided that it would be best to start the contractions with Petocin (something completely foreign to me considering I had nearly dilated to 8cm with my first sans epidural or any drugs for that matter). It felt like time was at a stand-still as I was given the epidural before the Petocin and  I actually was able to take a short 30-min nap with the hubby napping beside me. An hour had passed (which felt like three hours) and I had dilated 2cm. Another hour passed and I had dilated to 7cm. By the last hour I was at nine and half and felt ready to push – and so I did!

I pushed for a bit but it wasn’t until my last five pushes with the doctor that I knew baby girl was making her way out! Her head came out so quickly that she actually had lots of facial bruising (hence the reason she looks so purple), followed by her teeny tiny beautiful little body! I was so elated and filled with so much joy, all I could say was thank you over and over again to the amazing team of nurses and the doctor, who all kept telling me “What a beautiful birth this is” and “You made it look easy!”

IMG_4714 IMG_4713


Hospital Checklist: What to Pack for Labor & Delivery

For some reason I’ve been on a streak with having “feelings” about when people around me are about to deliver, even without knowing. I always get a hunch, maybe it’s the nesting hormones that come with pregnancy, but I always seem to know when to ask my friends, “Have you packed your car yet? Are you ready to go?” It could just start out as a conversational starter with my about-to-pop friends and their spouses, but nonetheless within 1-3 days after asking this, they’ve gone into labor! Even with my own pregnancy, I had packed and prepared our getaway car the day before I gave birth (a day over two weeks before my due date), must’ve been those ‘nesting hormones’ I was just telling you about. Funny thing is I actually posted pictures of our getaway loot in my SUV on Instagram followed with the next few photos of us at the hospital, almost like we had planned it or something. I remember being so giddy about the whole ordeal of “packing for the hospital” and packing so many things that others had listed on Pinterest while also adding a ton of my own cutesy registry gifts and such. But in all honesty, I definitely “overpacked” and could’ve gone in with a lot smaller bag. So here it goes, for the second time around – here’s my hospital checklist for what to pack for labor and delivery (if everything goes the way of my birth plan that is).

The Hospital Bag Essentials For Mom:

  • PJs (one or two sets): Make sure the top has easy access to nursing (if you plan on nursing). Button-downs and stretchy, loose fabrics are best. My list is more in preparation for my birth plan of having a vaginal delivery, but if I were to plan this for a c-section I would also include a very loose top and low rise PJ bottoms or a loose gown so that the material doesn’t interfere with any stitches or whatnot. These are what you will pretty much live in while you’re enjoying the hopefully short-lived hospital life so I put this on top of the list. Otherwise you will probably stay in your hospital gown (you know the one with the holes on the side, slit in the back, just a tad too revealing for my comforts -gown).
  • Robe: Last time around I brought my adorable size xs Betsy Johnson pink and black robe, when in reality I should’ve went with a lot looser robe, maybe one with a bit thickness since I couldn’t get as warm as I would’ve liked to be in the hospital and would’ve loved to have had  a robe that was more blanket-like than anything. So this time I plan to bring something that falls within those lines.
  • Nursing Bra(s): One or two comfortable nursing bras that are easy to wear and take off would be best. I didn’t bring this item last time and really wished I did for my comfort when friends and family visited.
  • Underwear: A few pairs, or maybe more of those comfortable cotton granny-panty-like knickers are best, especially if you give birth vaginally since you’ll most likely be wearing those gigantic pads (that you never even knew existed until now).
  • Slippers: Think of those warm fuzzy ones that make you feel at home, heck bring your most worn favorite slippers from home – you’ll want them! My last time around I only brought socks and found it quite annoying to put on and take off just to go to the restroom or change a diaper.
  • Coming Home Outfit: This isn’t going to be the most stylish outfit you have in your closet, or maybe it is, but it’s definitely one of the most comfy of outfits!

For Dad:

  • PJs
  • Boxer/Briefs
  • Slippers
  • Coming Home Outfit

Toiletries: (Most hospitals will supply you the witch hazel pads, maxi pads, Dermoplast spray, hemorrhoid cream, ointments, etc., but if you already have preferences on brands, etc. for these you can pack your own.)

  • His/Hers Toothbrushes
  • Toothpaste
  • Shampoo/Conditioner
  • Body Wash/Soap
  • Deodorant
  • Contact case and solution for contact wearers and glasses and glasses case for glasses wearers
  • Razor
  • Dry Shampoo
  • Hairbrush and Comb
  • Makeup Removing Face Wipes
  • Lip Balm
  • Face Lotion

For Baby: (The hospital will already have receiving blankets and beanies for use during your stay, but if you have your own that you would like to use make sure it’s washed first before bringing.)

  • Beanie
  • Receiving Blanket(s)
  • Onesies/PJs
  • Going Home Outfit
  • Anti-scratch Mittens

Nourishments/Snacks: (Dad will thank you for these!)

  • Prenatal Vitamins
  • Crackers/Cookies/Chips
  • Dried Fruit/Fruit Snacks
  • Snack Bars
  • Juices/Vitamin Water/Gatorade


  • iPad/Charger
  • iPhone/Cell Phone
  • Phone Charger
  • Camera

Caring For Baby:

  • Boppy/Nursing Pillow
  • Car Seat
  • Nursing Pads

There are of the essentials like Witch Hazel pads, large overnight max pads, Dermoplast spray, hemorrhoid cream, nipple balm, etc. But many of these are provided by the hospital already, those including the nice little squirt bottle too, so no need to bring them!

Five “Top Priority” Baby Registry Wish List

Being a first time parent and not knowing exactly what to register and being given a registry gun and a list items to register for doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll actually register for everything you’ll “really” need. And as you may have learned with wedding registries and such, you might not get everything you registered for and might just get some things that aren’t necessarily complete (i.e. you registered for eight table settings and only received five) and in this case, maybe the baby food storage containers but not the baby food maker. Luckily as with wedding gifts, baby shower gifts can sometimes be returned/exchanged/etc. (although a headache, can sometimes be worth it) but why not get your registry right the first time around?

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I was the new mommy-to-be who wanted to have the best of everything! I did lots and lots of research on all the products before I even registered! What I failed to do, was understand that every baby is different and will need different items. Take for example my niece Kaitlyn – she never liked the swing, baby bottles, or pacifiers really. Whereas my daughter Huntley, born ten months later – loved the swing, drinking from a bottle, and don’t even get me started on Wubbanubs again (it’s like her security blanket for her). So here I am 32, almost 33 weeks pregnant and writing a baby registry wish list, again. This is the list that I’ve put together with the knowledge that I have now of being a mother and getting ready for number two. Hopefully this will help you with putting together your own registry whether first time mommy, second time mommy, third time mommy, or so on. And like I’ve mentioned – every baby is different!

With the help of one of my favorite online baby stores Pish Piosh Baby (yes, you can create your own baby registry/wish list online), I’ve curated my own “Top Priority” baby registry wish-list.

1. The Stroller: So originally I started with what I thought was the best of the best in quality, sought after name brand, and super sleek looking Bugaboo Cameleon (top of the line, the Escalade of strollers). To be honest, I loved strolling around this beautiful stroller of mine and was actually quite sad to see it go. But after less than one year of use we found out that we were pregnant and knew that we would need a double stroller. Of course my first instinct was to continue with my brand loyalty to Bugaboo, but in all honesty after testing out the Bugaboo Donkey in stores, it was a bit too wide for my personal comfort (especially since I shop a lot and need to get through aisles and clothing racks). I tested out several other double strollers and came to the conclusion that a convertible stroller would be the best fit for my lifestyle.


When I knew which stroller I wanted, I also knew exactly where I’d be able to find the best deal to purchase it! Pish Posh Baby made it super easy to purchase my Baby Jogger City Select stroller through their website and even offered free shipping on orders over $75. Of course with another baby on the way, I had to get all the accessories (car seat adapter, bassinet, second seat, snack trays, and glider board). The PPB website also offers comparison charts as well to help make your decision easier.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 9.39.08 AM

2. The Car Seat: (or in my case, the “carseats”) When researching the best infant carseat, weight was the biggest factor in making my purchasing decision. With a dislocating shoulder and mild carpal I needed to find a lightweight, trusted brand, and easy maneuverable infant carseat which is why I decided to go with the Maxi Cosi AP Infant Car Seat.


For Huntley’s big girl carseat we purchased the Maxi Cosi Pria Convertible Car Seat which can be used for an infant as well (but can’t be placed on a stroller with attachment). The best part about this convertible car seat is that it can be used rear-facing, which is the safest position in my opinion and I’m glad that I have this option for as long as I can keep my girls in.

maxi-cosi-pria-70-convertible-car-seat-total-black-413. The Carrier: Having a great carrier makes life easier when you need to hit the grocery store, walks around the mall/park/anywhere really. With my first daughter I purchased the Ergo classic and loved it, however, I’ve just discovered the Stokke My Carrier Cool and love the sleek clean look and feel. This carrier uses a 3d mesh technology to transport heat and moisture away from you and baby’s body to allow airflow and comfort, which would be great during travel! I remember when I had taken seven-month-old Huntley to Taiwan (full of heat and humidity) and thinking how hot it was to have her attached to me for so long (in the subways/trains/etc.) and would’ve been nice to have a lighter material like this one to keep us cool.


4. The Diaper Bag: This Timi&Leslie Convertible Collection Marie Antoinette bag is absolutely gorgeous and not only can it pass for a regular purse, but it is actually a diaper bag (“one of the lightest weight designer diaper bags on the market!”). It can be worn cross-body, comes with a changing pad, zippered sac for soiled clothes, a stylish clutch (which can be worn on it’s own), matching stroller straps (usually sold separately on other bags), and plenty of other fabulous function able features and accessories!


5. The Diaper Pail: Having already had the Diaper Genie, I didn’t know the differences between this pail and other pails on the market. I thought they all had to have a specially designed diaper pail bags (which I hated the fact for my pail). It always ended up becoming so costly in the end… This time around I did my research on the the best pails! To my surprise I found one that would work with cloth diapers as well The Ubbi Diaper Pail, and boy did this excite me! I loved cloth diapering my babe when she was a newborn and used mostly during the first year! This diaper pail (when used for disposable diapers) or even just trash, doesn’t require any special bags! I would always get so upset when my hubby would waste the Genie refills to toss clothing tags and other trash (other than diapers). The Ubbi diaper pail also comes in many colors to help coordinate and match your nursery!


Find all these products and more at

We <3 TooRahLoo

When our lovely friend Katie from TooRahLoo reached out to us to try and become one of her brand representatives for her then “new/upcoming” online boutique, we were beyond thrilled! When we landed a spot in the TooRahLoo family we were humbled and honored to watch her little shop grow and thrive with new products and many new followers! Katie is one of the nicest and hardest-working stay-at-home mamas we know. She has a one-year-old son name Sam and he’s just about the cutest blue-eyed boy I’ve ever laid eyes on (model baby for sure!)

TooRahLoo started as a shop for burpees and bibdanas, but has now expanded to our favorite infinity scarves and tees! The craftsmanship and quality of the bibdanas and scarves are impeccable with snap buttons and fine fabrics even with her adorable custom label. The tees are machine-washable and always hold their fun screen-prints (no fading so far on our end and we wash them a lot since we have a messy girl on our hand). Go follow @TooRahLoo on Instagram and check out all the awesome items offered!

IMG_4472 IMG_4470 IMG_4467 IMG_4466 IMG_4465 IMG_4457 IMG_4453 IMG_4452 IMG_4447 IMG_4444 IMG_4442 IMG_4440 IMG_4434 IMG_4433 IMG_4425 IMG_4419 IMG_4415